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  1. i have attached pdf. I think This has not shown on my credit file for years. Yes the CCJ number matchs, I can remember the first 4 letters and numbers. linkfinancial.pdf
  2. I no longer have anything on this as it is so many years and I never heard anything. I can send a copy of the letter from Link. How do I do it. Can't believe this escalated from a £300 credit card debt
  3. I do find it strange they have not threatened to take me to court to force sale of my house, given the amount of equity I have in my property.
  4. No the property is solely mine as well as the debt. There is no account number on the letter just the original ccj number.
  5. they sold it to drysdens first. But no never had anything. On the letter it only has the judgement number on it. They do not mention original creditor or amount which is aprox £1000. It was Capquest that got the original charging order about 12 years ago. Forgot to mention MBNA were the original creditor.
  6. It was originally capquest. Then Drysdens were chasing it, now it is Link Financial chasing it.
  7. I have now had a letter from a company called Link Financial chasing this. They are saying they will do 1 of 3 things if I do not reply. 1 Go for a deductions of earnings order 2 Take me to court for an Order to Obtain Information 3 Get a Warrant of Control so they can seize goods via a bailiff. I didn't think they could do this once they had a charging order.
  8. No I had a ccj first and they didn't give me any time to pay they took it straight for a charging order, but nothing was stipulated payment wise on the charging order. I was a bit slow then, as they didn;t have a CCA and most of the debt was fees. Now I wouldn't have let it get that far. Is it correct that a charging order disappears of the land registry after 12 years, but is still enforceable.
  9. No it is solely owned by myself. There is also a lot equity in it as the mortgage is nearly paid off. Unfortunately I am a carer for my mum so only get carers allowance and I have a part time job of 10 hours per week for a bit extra money. So I can't just pay this. I don't undetstand why it has taken them 7 years to chase this up.
  10. Received a letter from Drysdenfairfax Solicitors about a Charging Order obtained by Capquest in 2011 saying there is no payment schedule in place. It is for £1038. I completely forgot about this so only a couple of payment were made in 2011 and then nothing for 7 years. They have sent me an expenditure form to fill in within 7 days. This was originally for a RSPCA credit card, that was sold on to MBNA and then they sent it to Capquest. Should I be worried about repossession. I have spent the last couple of years getting my finances sorted, and all mortgage arrears and other debts are paid off. I don't want to start again with fighting repossession orders.
  11. I didn't switch over, EE switched me over when they took over T Mobile. It came to the end of my contract and when I upgraded they changed it to EE. Still the same company, same direct debit. I have never cancelled a contract just upgraded when it was time. EE have no record of any outstanding balance. Got a letter today about it from Lowell saying the same thing, that I owe 26 quid Nothing on my credit file, and my EE acount is up to date
  12. Ok, just I have worked hard to put my credit file right, don't want a ccj on it now.
  13. I received a letter today from Lowell saying they have bought a debt of £26.95 from T Mobile. have been with T Mobile and the moved over to EE for quite a number of years. have 2 phones with them on expensive contracts paid by direct debit. have never missed a payment have never heard anything about this debt from T Mobile or EE when it was changed over. This is not on my credit file either. I know it is only a small amount but I do not see why I should pay for something that I do not owe, next time it could be a lot more. Do I just ignore this, I don't want to end up with a CCJ for £26.95.
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