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  1. Hi dx, they won't do anything unless Wonga have had 8 weeks, as they view it as a separate complaint to my original one last year. I emails the adjudicator the second Moorcroft got in touch and to be fair to her, se responded straight away, chased up Wonga to see what they were doing (after the New Year) and emailed me back. She saw this as a new complaint but added the info to my original one. If i don't get something I feel is a suitable response then I will be looking at a complaint with the FOS (although complaints seem to be taking 3 months to be picked up at the moment), send every
  2. I have a screen shot of my Next account stating that it was suspended due to adverse info on my file. I also spoke to MBNA who would not remove the suspension my credit card account for the same reason. I have a letter from them telling me that this is why my account is suspended. I no longer believe a word Wonga say, couldn't trust them to investigate my complaint properly and believe that no matter how much info I send them about the effect this has had on me, they aren't taking this seriously. I suspect on Feb 15th when the 8 weeks is up I won't get a response as they are
  3. Thanks for the quick response I have the confirmation email from the adjudicator on 31st August that stated what they should do. They didn't argue with any of it. They left the first 3 loans on my credit file, which was as the adjudicator said. They confirmed to the FOS they would work to the proposal put to them by the adjudicator, this was on the 25th September. I received the confirmation calculation on the 3rd October 2017 and that was the last communication I had from Wonga until Moorcroft emailed me on the 19th December. In that time I received no phone calls
  4. I am after some advice please if possible Having had a number of loans with Wonga I eventually reached a point I could no longer afford to make the large payment back on my last loan, taken out in February of last year. Before the payment was due at the end of March I raised a complaint of unaffordable lending and asked for a payment plan offering an amount I could afford to pay. Wonga sent me an I&E sheet which I completed and sent back, then I heard nothing from them. Next message was a couple of months later with a threat of court if I didn't pay, which was a s
  5. Hi all I didn't actually do much with this complaint back in 2013 as I still had arrears on the mortgage and didn't need the hassle. With getting myself into a payday mess too, I kind of buried my head on the whole mortgage thing until I was a couple of months in arrears Now i'm clear of all that, had some refunds that have helped me out and intend on staying the right way with finances going forward. My mortgage is up to date as of this month for the first time in a while. However like many people on here my mortgage was sold by GE Money Home Lending to Kensington in May of this yea
  6. If you are looking on-line then click on the loan ID in blue. This then shows a quick snap shot of the loan itself. Loan Amount is the amount borrowed and Loan Fee is the interest. If you had any loyalty discounts they show under Discount Amount and come off the loan fee to give you the amount you paid as interest e.g. Loan Amount £1300 Loan Fee £260 Discount Amount £52 Total repaid £1508 Also note that if you changed to a flexi account with QQ, this information is not stored on their website, just pay day loans. My loan info stopped at the end of 2012, but I still borrowed fro
  7. Hi, Firstly, read through the other threads relating to QQ on here to get a feel of how things might work. Then you need to pull all your information together, get a copy of your credit report and tailor a complaint letter or email to QQ themselves. Send any email to [email protected] This complaint should be in your own words, not using a template, and say why you believe that QQ lent money to you irresponsibly. Was there a constant pattern of loans, were many of these rolled over? Quick quid will have all these as new loans on their web page but many are rollovers. Did they incr
  8. Hi all, sorry not been on My case became quite interesting with going back and forward with the adjudicator. She eventually found in my favour from 2010 through to the end of the QQ loans in 2012 and asked Casheuronet to refund me the interest paid and 8%. This is where my loans went from £750 per week to £1350. It was from when I asked QQ for a refund so was happy with this. She decided that the Pounds to Pocket loans were affordable as they were a much lower amount per month, and I earned a good wage (I did) so despite QQ and P2P being the same company, they did for a long time ope
  9. Thanks Martin! I've left a little donation for the site, but if my QQ loans come in, i'll leave a much better one. The advice on here has always been top notch and supportive. Plus honest!
  10. Just as an update on my complaint with WDA. I have had loans with them since 2009 through till today. I had numerous roll overs and for one loan did this 10 times, followed by a 6 month payment plan and then reloaned a few days later. I complained to WDA and asked for interest back from loan 11 through to my last loan after my 10 months of roll oves, till end Dec 2015. The last few loans were instalments rather than an actual payday loans. To help their investigation I sent them a copy of my Noddle credit report, some screen shots from my Experian report showing late payment markers and
  11. No problem burke. They actually replied about a week after I contacted the MFSA with a letter that was 4 pages long, 3 of which where my loans over 7 years and a very quick rejection of my complaint as a final response. Sent it straight to Pauline Tonna at the MFSA who asked for 2 months to investigate. Good luck, this isn't going to be an easy win, if a win at all
  12. My case is with the FOS now. I sent it 3 weeks ago and spoke to a lovey person who took the complaint on when I chased it up. She said she thought she had everything she needed from me, this due to attaching my Noddle credit report, list of loans with QQ, P2P, WDA and PTPD on a spreadsheet, plus some screen shots of my Experian report, along with my final response and all the emails between QQ and myself. I suspect the adjudicator will be waiting a while for info dkityo, that won't be their final response unfortunately. You'll get that around 7-8 weeks out. And it will a derisory offer, s
  13. burke, I would just get a complaint into the Malta FSA. By the sounds of things there is only one person in their complaints department and she is swamped, but at least it will get the ball rolling. Northway only replied after I messaged the Mata FSA. There is something funny going on there as they keep pushing back a response by 2 months. I don't think they know what they are supposed to do with complaints!!
  14. Be prepared for a long and drawn out fight. The Malta FSA complaints unit seems to be one woman and complaints with Northway seem to be going nowhere. Its seems they are a bit swamped at the moment and are constantly asking for more time. What is unclear is if this is all with Northway or there are other Maltese financial institutions that are currently getting a lot of complaints about them
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