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  1. Hi - I too have been offered a refund from Wonga through FOS and was wondering how long it took for Wonga to pay into your bank - did it take the 28 days? Thanks
  2. Hi everybody, I complained to Wonga about a series of loans that I took out with them from 2011-2012, that I felt in hindsight, should not have been lent to me as I was in a cycle of taking out payday loans, paying them back and then immediately taking out another to pay for the one that I had just paid. I was in a terrible financial mess, however, I thankfully entered a DMP in 2013, which I am very happy to say is now complete. Wonga dismissed my complaint, so I escalated this to the FOS. The adjudicator agreed with my complaint and gave Wonga until 25th July to respond. Unfortunately, they still have not responded to the FOS or myself. I have just had an email from the adjudicator, and he has told me that he has now escalated this to get a response from Wonga. Has anybody else had this? Do Wonga normally respond within the FOS timelines? I would be grateful for any thoughts on what the next steps might be? Thank you!
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