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  1. Already got Mp involved And emailed no. 10. See I thought that but they said because I haven't yet paid my last advance off I can't get another one, they then asked if I had the money to pay it LOL obviously I didn't. So I can't get one. They're just saying I have to wait. I spoke to her manager (lady on UC phoneline) who said I could be waiting a while. was advised to go begging, -___- so yeah I can't get an advance apparently! They said the system isn't pulling up like my disability ect so No one can do anything till it's fixed and even when it's fixed I'll h
  2. I had an advance when I first claimed, so I can't get one. I asked to see if this repayment could be paused then I'd receive £88 instead of £24 they said no I can't change my agreement. When I raised my complaint via their website and journal and via phone I've been told the same. Nothing they can do it's a technical error upto the technical team and they have 0 idea when it'll be sorted and I just have to wait.
  3. my UC payment was due, logged on to check all was ok like I do every month. They're paying me £24. I usually get around £700. They've said it's a system error and they can't give me a timeline just probably after Christmas I'll get it. I'm due it in 2 days. I have no food gas electric or money. Civic centre can't help me, disability means I can't go out right now so can't get to a food bank. And to top it off I was just finishing paying my overdraft back I got to clear rent debt from the initial 6 weeks of no payment. Now my bank said if it's no
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