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  1. Thank you for your advice silverfox. Yes, I would definitely book an appointment at my Gp. I have been in stress and depression lately about my studies, friends, family, paper work at home office. Yes, I have realised that people nowadays will just suck out you of money as long as they can. I'm just curious if they will stop sending me a letter if I pay when I recieve the letter and will completely let me off the hook??? Thank you for your time reading my case guys. Really honored and happy about your expertise and knowledge.
  2. Yeah, some people says ignored it. As it only stand to get money from us and take Advantage. There’s actually no cost for them as they get back the items which is I accidentally taken out of the Blue. I was planning Too, too Many things in my head and Health issues with me. Thank you so much for your Help and I won’t Go to store’s alone and after a year unless I Need something urgent.
  3. I was really worried, I get caught for shoplifting at tkmaxxx. I have given my address, name, phone number and signed the banning form with exclusion list of stores for 12 months and a letter with RLP that I need to wait to pay them a lost cost of Tkmaxx which they have gotten all the goods back worth 60 Pounds. What will happen if I pay them? Will there be any further problems in the future? I am really ashamed of myself It happened because i'm not myself that day and suffering from depression from most of everything in my life. I reall
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