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  1. Just to quickly update... still receiving phone calls from the usual PRA number, but no indication of any court papers as yet. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that this may now be SB, based on my last known payment date (according to my 2016 bank statement) No other form of contact with PRA aside from my PAP response last year requesting more information, (all as attached earlier in this topic) certainly no admittance at any rate. I was just wondering if the SB date calculated based on the day the last known payment left my account, or when that payment is actually received the other end? I know there are usually delays after DCA's collect your payments before applying it to accounts etc. Shall I prepare a SB letter in anticipation of court papers still.? Kind regards, David
  2. I was hoping that an old savings account reference would have been sufficient enough as I wasn't too sure if referencing the account they sold to PRA would be seen as an admission of liability etc (but I guess that's down to PRA to establish that with what documents they provide / have provided) Sorry , brain overload right now! Oh, still no court papers - Jan 7th is the SB date (based on last payment date) if my math is correct. However, knowing how sketchy these people work, I will probable get served the day before. Regards, db
  3. Just a quick update, sent SAR off to OC (Hfx) providing a previous savings account number as reference. Last night receieved a letter headed "Intelligent Finance" saying thank you for your SAR request but unable to proceed as need more detail. Either provide more account numbers or date of birth. They have provided a response doc to fill out, assuming it's safe to just provided my DOB, sign and send back? I can't remember every account number. Cheers. db
  4. To the team at CAG - I have just sent a donation for all your efforts not just for me previously and possibly currently, with my PRA HFX loan, but with everyone else who has been in need of someone extra to help fight their corner.! 


    Thank you @dx100uk @Andyorch

    1. dx100uk
    2. BankFodder


      Thank you very much indeed.

      I've sent you an email although I see that you have an outlook email address so you may have to check your spam folders.

      Anyway, it's a very generous gift and thank you.

      I have flagged it up to the team as well.

  5. Thanks for the insight DX They have just resumed telephone calls (obv not answering) So I guess any time now I will be getting court papers on my door step, as PRA assume they have fully complied with my document request as part of the PAP. Question... COULD I write to them questioning the T&C generic doc, the DN screengrab or different total balance on statement of account they provided? Or is this something I should now only include AFTER claim has been started? I'm not sure I have ALL the patience or mindset to battle this in court (have my first baby on the way after 4 miscarriages, so shall we say I'm distracted a bit) I really do appreciate you taking the time to support and advise where you are able to.! Regards D
  6. Managed to access some pdf statements from the bank online. The last payment ever to leave my account for RW was £1.00 on Jan 7th 2016. Should I dispute the failed DN or must I wait for them to send court papers? Im slightly confused as to best approach at this stage with SB being so close
  7. I cant check the account on any credit report as it no longer shows up and im afraid to say my document keeping was not its best at that stage. I think it the account was under RobinsonWay at the time, payments were being made via the DMP, GregPenn... then I stopped with the DMP thinking I could deal with myself. Pretty sure RW continued to accept £1 tokens until I stopped. Looking at the last payment date on their docs, and the actual balance PRA are chasing, I would say my actual last payment date would have been 15th Jan' 16. I assume everything else they have provided meets requirements, like the spreadsheet screengrab of DN? Regards, Dave
  8. Hi DX, its been a while I hope you are keeping well. According to the list of transactions they sent as part of my PAP response, the last payment is showing as 15/10/15. However, the balance from 15/10/15 is inconsistent with the balance they are chasing in their letters. (It's a difference of £3.00) suggesting that three more token payments were made after this. But I cant track back this far to check hence why I requested information as per the PaP, but their statements do not show any transaction after 15th Oct 2015. If I dispute the balance discrepency on the list of transactions against their letters, could this impact a SB timeline? Regards, D
  9. Hey guys, it has been a very long time since I was last here as I thought I had managed to sort all my finances out. Unfortunately I am now having to deal with PRA who have most recently sent my a LBA regarding a unsecured halifax loan taken out in 2008. I was hoping to try and deal with out making a nuisance on here but I have a few questions I was hoping some one may be able to shed some light on that I cant find on the site after searching. (Quick background, previous dealings with Halifax, loan taken out nov 08 (worst decision in my life), challenged mis sell PPI, reimbursed ppi value, account + default dropped off credit file years ago, attempted repayment plan at £1/mth, which I then stopped, account bounced around between DCA's for years then went silent, until Dec 2020 when HFX/PRA sent me a letter of assignment. PRA also sent a discount offer letter (no actual discount value, i had to ring them to discuss it, which i didnt, i chose to ignore) . As part of the PAP response I requested further information (usual docs: agreement, copy default notice, statement of account etc) over the alleged debt. They sent back a collection of paper work with an accompanying letter saying anything not included is because they don't have to. They included: - signed/dated credit application form - signed / dated ppi paper - a print out of T&C's from a template from a year prior to agreement start date - a screen capture of an access spreadsheet window displaying default notice information - assignment letters etc. - statement of account on plain paper My concerns relate to: - the agreement apparently containing 6 pages yet I have only been provided pages 1,2,3 of 6 - do they no longer have to supply a copy of the default notice, instead of a screen grab from an Access spreadsheet? - the statement of account they have provided, the final balance differs from the PRA paperwork balance they have listed. Please find attached the redacted documents relating to this. Can someone possible take a look - I would like to double check where I stand with the documents they have supplied to me as part of my PAP request to them over the alleged debt. Hopefully everything that needs to be blanked out, has been. PRA have put the account on hold until end of November before they proceed with court action. A big big thank you to anyone who can she some light on my concerns regarding the legalities and my best option to proceed. Regards, davetherave 20211030_155307-converted-compressed.pdf
  10. I am struggling to spot. There are six pages of Terms & Conditions in the upload from post 35... The same six pages are included in most recent Lowells witness statement. But I did not include them in the PDF upload because they are identical to the ones in post 35. If referring to the Consumer Credit Agreement pages, obviously they provide the front page of the agreement with my signature etc. There is another page in the document also headed CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT REGULATED BY ..... which to me looks like the page that should have been on the back of the signature page. If I am being totally blind to this then please forgive me. Regards
  11. Eeek here is the corrected upload. Thanks DX LowerlWItnessStatementPages.pdf
  12. Cheers Andy, well if the information in the documents i have uploaded do not suggest any irregularity - then the bottom line is I do not wish to have a CCJ on file, who would? I am toying with the idea of ringing up Lowell Solicitors offering the same 40% discount they had previously offered me. Its so frustrating knowing they purchased this account for pennies in the pound. To part with the full amount they are now claiming will be very difficult without help. Maybe I can approach them offering a smaller lump sum of say 400 to settle, or a monthly repayment until clear. But why would they even consider agreeing to it (even though they have sent letters saying they are still keen to settle) when they know that they will likely win in court and get the full amount plus costs... A victory for me at this stage would be not to have a CCJ filed against me. So that pretty much means I need to have them agree a settlement figure before the hearing. If i did this by letter, it could take it really close to the deadline.... In this situation, would it be worth a phone call, and recording the phone conversation, proposing either a lump sum I have managed to scrape together to settle immediately, or agree a long winded monthly repayment plan. (via a Tomlin order?) :(
  13. Here is the multi page PDF from lowell witness statement with my info hidden i actually laughed at the page where they refer to me as him and her! not that that will affect anything. the only pages i haven't scanned is the ' running statement of account' pages. this is pretty self explanatory, and does include over limit and late payment charges of £12. . which i think were deemed lawful. it was these charges that took the balance to 6xx and now with the additional costs, it has now become 8xx I hope you can make sense of what I have uploaded. I am also now trying to fight my corner with WageDay advance, who have been on my credit file for 3 years showing only "late payment" and also BW legal who took over a PayDay Express loan. many thanks Lowell Witness Statement pages.pdf
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