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  1. I am struggling to spot. There are six pages of Terms & Conditions in the upload from post 35... The same six pages are included in most recent Lowells witness statement. But I did not include them in the PDF upload because they are identical to the ones in post 35. If referring to the Consumer Credit Agreement pages, obviously they provide the front page of the agreement with my signature etc. There is another page in the document also headed CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT REGULATED BY ..... which to me looks like the page that should have been on the back of the signature page.
  2. Eeek here is the corrected upload. Thanks DX LowerlWItnessStatementPages.pdf
  3. Cheers Andy, well if the information in the documents i have uploaded do not suggest any irregularity - then the bottom line is I do not wish to have a CCJ on file, who would? I am toying with the idea of ringing up Lowell Solicitors offering the same 40% discount they had previously offered me. Its so frustrating knowing they purchased this account for pennies in the pound. To part with the full amount they are now claiming will be very difficult without help. Maybe I can approach them offering a smaller lump sum of say 400 to settle, or a monthly repayment until clear.
  4. Here is the multi page PDF from lowell witness statement with my info hidden i actually laughed at the page where they refer to me as him and her! not that that will affect anything. the only pages i haven't scanned is the ' running statement of account' pages. this is pretty self explanatory, and does include over limit and late payment charges of £12. . which i think were deemed lawful. it was these charges that took the balance to 6xx and now with the additional costs, it has now become 8xx I hope you can make sense of what I have uploaded. I am also now trying to
  5. Hi guys, Lowell Solicitors sent over their WS and as I've never got this far before its all a big blur - it would appear they have come up with the original agreement, but only the one page looks original, the T's & C's look like they have come from a more recent document. Whats annoying me is Lowell Solicitors were offering 40% off six months ago. Getting a CCJ at this point would be catastrophic - so I am left with no choice but to attempt to try and settle before hearing takes place. It's almost as if I could have accepted the 40% settlement when they offer
  6. Yes sig is accurate (albeit 4 years ago) I guess its a case of trying to settle with Lowell Solicitors now then. I cant believe they were offering 40% earlier this year to settle this bloody account! Really made me think there was a strong chance to fight it!! If they refuse to accept any form of offer, would a Tomlin order (payment arrangement) be suitable to avoid a CCJ? Regards
  7. I have received no witness statement from the claimant as of yet DX. Regards It looks like they have simply decided to finally comply after it failed mediation and knew it would be going all the way. My defence is based on the lack of both the agreement and default notice... Of which i now have. Although the t&c's in both agreements appear to be different quality to the microfiche front page. Are they stil the original t&c's you reckon? I have yet to draw up a witness statement but i imagine it would have to reflect the latest documents provided, be it months afte
  8. Ok, I am currently editing out all personal info as we speak from all pages contained within Lowell's last envelope. Then will upload as one multipage PDF. Starting to lose my marbles simply because my last attempt defending a court claim, Restons, they discontinued. But as it seems Lowell have provided all requested documentatio, (which will follow in a PDF next post) leaves me with little hope now. I don't particularly want to experience my first ever CCJ. Here is the multipage PDF file which contains a default notice and agreement that Lowell Solicitors sent to me just a few
  9. Good afternoon everyone. Time for an update with this ongoing claim. 17th November - Received a Notice of Allocation to Small Claims Track (Hearing) In the letter, Bham County Court state that unless the claimant pay the trial fee of £80 or file a properly completed application then the claim will be struck out with effect from 2nd January 2018 The hearing of the claim is 30th January 2018. The second page list the directions that apply to the claim. (At this stage, I still had yet to receive any default notice or original agreement from Lowell) 23rd November 2017 To
  10. Hi Andy, I did receive an N149A Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track. Where I filled out the directions questionaire, and sent copies to the court and Lowells. I then got the phone call as mentioned before, where based on the lack of documents from lowell that are still outstanding, she decided to escalate to next level. I have this evening checked MCOL - to find the claim has been transferred to Birmingham. I have not yet prepared anything close to a witness statement starting to get worried now, have this feeling I will get mocked becuase I have ta
  11. Cheers Andy. I cant recall having a NOA through the post apart from the mediation papers ? Regards.
  12. Had the mediation call - advised that Lowells have failed to comply with my requests for documentation to substantiate their claim. She then said no problem and has made a note on file. Apparently, a judge will see that I have had the phone call, explaining the missing documentation, and likely give an order for Lowell to produce.?? I've been told by Miss Mediation to wait for a letter(s) to come in the post. Hmmm - could they be waiting to produce the agreement and default notice on the day of a hearing? Im guessing they can do that - but the fact they fai
  13. Afternoon guys - just a quick update. Still haven't received the notice of default or the agreement as per my previous requests. It has now gone to the mediation stage, where I ticked yes to mediation.. . having read other users posts, knowing full well I don't have the two said documents which I am to assume they will need to support their claim? I will be ringing the mediation number first thing Monday morning to book a slot - when that slot comes, I am simply saying to the mediator that I still have not yet received all documents as per my CPR / CCA request?
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