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  1. Hello Andy, thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have all the documents..... Just continuing from my first post I contacted Blemain/Together in November 2017 to get an update/status on our loan etc...I told there Customer Services Department that I would like to lodge a compliant regarding three points : Firstly - PPI being added to the loan at the start, hence £31k and not £25K which we applied for. We clearly checked the box on the application that no PPI was required. Secondly - Our monthly repayment since 2006 as been on £31k and not £25k Thirdly - Unfair and inappropri
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone as won any cases against Blemain in regards to unfair charges etc.... I took out a loan in 2006 for £25k secured on my property, I clearly checked the box indicating we did not want PPI only to find that over £5k was added to our loan which was for PPI. However in late 2017 I still had £27k outstanding on a loan which was taken out over 180months. Simple math shows with have paid over £50k back since 2006. My beef with Blaimain/Togrether is : £5k was added to the loan at the front end for PPI to which we clearly said we di
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