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  1. Hi Andyorch and Ethel. Thanks. As in the transcript of the letter I've outlined above. The finance company appear to be passing new liability of the debt onto my mum as the next of kin. I can confirm that she is merely the widowed wife naturally looking after his affairs. Thank you for the help and links for legal documentation that will certainly help put them straight and in the picture. She's stated from the outset that she isn't part of any legal team looking after an estate, and I genuinely believe they're either ignorant or just bullying her. Either way, she's not intend
  2. Hi Andy Thanks for the reply. I may have got things confused, I apologise, let me explain. The mail from the finance company contained two letters: One addressed my father, Robert in the heading (an invoice with arrears total) The accompanying letter was addressed to my mother, ####### Personal Representative of the Late ########. The letter says, Dear Mrs ##### ########, Personal Representative of the late ####### ######### You are now in breach of the Terms and Conditions of your Contract Purchase Agreement. We now enclose a Default Notice in acco
  3. Hi Ethel Aha. Maybe that will be the reason then for the letter(s). I'll make sure she tells them that she is not an official legal appointee as advised. Yes, Alphera are already aware she doesn't drive and has no need for the vehicle. The car is currently on her drive (and SORNed as far as I'm aware). Cheers. Craig
  4. Hi unclebulgaria Thanks for the response. That's a great idea! I'll discuss this option with my mother tonight and see what she says. Seems the only assured way of dealing with this unless we drive the car to one of their offices. We contacted all dad's creditors after his passing as we're obliged to do, and told them mum would be handling his affairs as the next of kin. Cheers again. Craig.
  5. Hi everyone Thanks so much for the responses. I wasn't expecting so many swift replies. I'll try to answer all the questions as best as I can in no particular order: 1. The agreement was only in my father's name. 2. My mother is the informal representative for handling his affairs. 3. Period of agreement was 48 months with about 30 months remaining. 4. He did not leave a will. 5. He had no payment insurance cover with agreement. 6. There is nobody who can verify he has no estate - in any legal sense. 7. Alphera specialises in BMW finance bu
  6. Hi all. I'm hoping someone can direct or link me to the legal consumer blurb that states hire purchase agreements upon the death of the borrower. My father died a few months ago and he left no estate. My mother is his representative and next of kin. Dad had a car on HP and it is solely in his name. My mum sent the death certificate to Alphera BMW finance and told them she would like them to close the account and collect the car. She has no interest in taking on the remaining payments as she doesn't drive. Alphera then sent my mum
  7. Many thanks for this unclebulgaria. I think the SAR and also a written letter to my local councillor and MP are probably also in order.
  8. In answer to some of the questions... No. My daughter is not in a Universal Credit area and is still under the old system. Yes. The issue regarding ESA does now seem to involve her fiance. In light of all this, I can not understand how all this information was disclosed to all authorities long ago and yet it is taking such a ridiculously long time to get anywhere. As far as I'm aware her partner does not receive any form of income beyond what he's entitled to from the component of Family Credits. At the moment I think her total income for the household is around £850.00 of which £4
  9. Hi everyone. I'm hoping I might be able to glean some information and guidance from this great community. The problem is one you may have heard many times involving benefits and concerns my daughter: Factoids My daughter is 22 years old and lives with 1- year old daughter and fiance in two-bed Sanctuary Housing flat (council housing association). Fiance has no income and is on a company training course with the promise of a job at the end of February. This is their first home and lived there since May 2018. Father (me) is also her Power of Attorney - she has severe mental
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