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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. As far as I'm aware the five years passing to make them SB isn't up until 2018 so there's still a year to go. The tickets were issued in 2013. Both car parks are definitely in Scotland. Don't really want to go into specifics that could potentially identify myself but both NCP and UKPC have car parks in all four of Scotland's main cities. I'm on the east coast. The question is, with them not yet being statute barred and both of them having my old address do i update them with my new address details? I'm currently saving for a
  2. Hi Guys, Back in 2013 I was being harassed by both NCP and UKPC due to being the registered keeper of a vehicle that they were claiming had had several parking tickets issued against it (3 for each company, 6 in total). Being in Scotland I followed the advice that was applicable at the time and ignored them. The matter was passed between various debt collectors and I haven't heard anything since early 2014. I moved address last year and have had a royal mail redirection in place since then as I didn't want them gaining a default judgement in the event that they issued court pro
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