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  1. Hi Dx I did as advised and have only communicated in writing ,I offered £5 a week , and told them that I did not want the sofas removed as I would be without sofas to sit on .I did look on gum tree etc ,but none on there cheap enough and that could be delivered free ,so I would also have had to hire a van This is the reply I have now had.Is this information sent back to me lawful with rent to buy goods please ? As you have declined our offer to cancel your contract and have the money you paid out on the rental item refunded, we will accept your offer of £5 per week as part of the hardship variation course. We can only accept this offer for a period of three months maximum from today’s date, Wednesday 25th October, to allow you time to sort your finances. If you do not believe that you will be able to revert to full payments after this time, please let us know now, as the best alternative would be to cancel your contract as you are unable to afford the item and therefore they should be returned. Once the contract goes back to full rental, you will be required to make the full payment of £30 per fortnight as per the rental agreement, If you no longer make the required payments, as agreed in this email, than the branch will have no alternative to progress to repossession and default you. Which we are all trying to avoid, considering your emotional wellbeing.
  2. Hi , I offered a lower payment to this company of what I can afford per month , the company insistent I phoned them to do a variation order as it could not be done in writing . I telephoned to be told the company want me to take the £230 I've paid to go and find another suite and they can remove my sofas as they not happy to do the variation order . Yet yesterday and today they have still attempted to take money out of my bank as per contract amount of £30 fortnightly. They suggest they are not happy to do a variation due to my past payment history ,which is missing the £30 fortnight ,which I can't afford . I have looked already on a few selling pages but no suites that low in price ,plus I would have to rent a van to collect . This company have made my anxiety go through the roof . I'm worrying sick . Can they refuse £5 a week ? Thank you
  3. Hi , Thank you very much for your reply . Its a 52 week term , £30 a fortnight . I have only paid £230 off to date ,suite is £780 Hi again dx yes only goods I have had off them .x what do you mean by this: god their T&C's are almost draconian..bordering on unenforceable under the consumer credit act IMHO.
  4. Can anyone advise me please . I have had a 3 seater and 2 seater sofas off a rent to buy company called Local Appliance Rentals , payments £15 a week , now due to a change in financial circumstances have fallen behind by 5 weeks , have had no letters of arrears , just an undated card put through my door which i seen last Friday morning giving me 5 days to pay , tried to borrow money ,but no success. Today a letter been put through my letterbox by hand headed REPOSSESSIONS OF YOUR RENTAL GOODS , stating after repeated attempts to contact me it appears i have no intention of paying or honouring my rental agreement and are now required by law to give me 30 days notice of collection of my sofas ,will be at my house in 30 days time . Can they enter without a warrant ? can they refuse a reduced amount monthly ? also i suffer severe depression, anxiety, which I have lots of evidence of , any advise please. I have only had them for about 4 months over a 2 year term Thank you
  5. It's typical when I email customer services regarding the way I was treated by a manager they are straight on the phone to me , I email them asking for contact details of their CEO and they take their time replying . The magaing director is Jason Hargreaves letter sent personal ftao him to matalan ltd Liverpool
  6. Just curious would the manager who the complaint was about be able or by law be able to just access cctv footage from the day before and look at it herself ? As the customer services calls were an hr apart and the 2nd call she stated the manager had viewed the cctv ?
  7. I will post the letter tomorrow , thank you for your advise
  8. Thank you Eric , wouldnt have thought of that, What is the law exactly on me requesting cctv footage inside a store like this please ?
  9. I purchased a fascinator for a wedding which I didnt wear , I couldnt find my receipt so took it back with original tags on , I spoke with the manager who firstly said I could not have a refund or exchange without a receipt , I asked if she could look my receipt up on the system as matalan purchases are done with a matalan card and they have the info of all purchases , she said she could not do that . I knew she could as a while back a bag broke and that's how they traced my purchase . The manager then went on to say they wouldn't refund or exchange anyway due to hygiene policy. as its an item worn on the head , I explained I hadn't worn it , she didnt even take it off me to inspect , or come close enough to me to look at it , she also stated it was not a Matalan product but one of CKJ accessories , I told her I could not understand this as I purchased it from Matalan ,not ckj , and asked who I would contact further about it ,was it Matalan head office or the accessory company , she replied , it wouldnt matter anyway as they wont do anything . I told her I would be contacting head office about her rude ,unhelpful and took her name off her badge , she replied you do that madam . I left the store shaken and upset . I contacted head office customer services via email and told them of my whole experience I received a telephone call from a ;lady in customer services whom I guess I was expecting to be helpful , however I was met by a hostile woman who pulled rank with the store manager claiming the store manager had believed the item had been worn , yet as I stated she didnt even inspect it , then she stated I asked for a refund and refused an exchange , a blatant lie , then to top it off she stated that she did check the system and there was no proof of my purchase , I couldn't believe what I was hearing , as she had not even got as far as even asking me my name to check it on the system or even what day I entered the store to purchase it . The customer service woman stated she would not have any member of her staff being called a liar , but it was ok for me to be accused of lies . At no point during this half hr call from customer services was any apology given to me .I asked the customer service woman that I be contacted by the area manager of which she replied this would not happen , as it was only her I would be able to deal with . I told her never have I ever experienced such appalling treatment by any retailer or customer services . She stated that evidence may come to light that I had worn the fascinator . I was disgusted by this comment and replied that how can any evidence come to light when the fascinator wasn't even examined and I still have it she replied maybe a photo or something showing me wearing it . I asked her what right does she or any Matalan staff have to police me in this way . I then insisted the CCTV be looked at of my visit and conversation with the manager of the store , and asked she ring me back . Just over an hour later she telephoned me back apologetic stating there had been cross communication and that my visit had come flooding back to the manager upon viewing the cctv ,and that she hadn't checked the system for my purchase , as she initially said she had , but then changed her story to , she was going to but I said dont worry I will go home and look for my receipt , which I did not , it was I who asked her to look it up and she refused . The customer services woman then stated that the manager would not exchange as the tag was in a different place to where it should of been , yet I had already explained to the manager and customer services that on the day I purchased it , every time I tried to walk out of the store the alarms were going off , 4 xs I had to go back in to the cashier as it was the fascinator setting the alarms off , not the cashier or the manager knew why this was happening , it was me in fact who advised that maybe it was the tag setting it off and the tag was removed to see if this was the case , so this was probably the reason the tag was in the wrong place , as it was put back on wrong in the shop . I have found my whole experience from the purchase to trying to exchange it a poor and stressful experience ,and I believe I was treated appallingly , although I have been offered a good will gesture of £20 it doesnt excuse treating customers in this way
  10. Thank you very ,much for your reply , I think I read hes no longer CEO ?
  11. I hope I have posted this on the correct forum I have recently encountered a very distressing experience with a store manager at my local Matalan upon complaining to customer services the customer services also have pulled rank and has taken the side of the store manager, making me out to be a blatant liar . I insisted the cctv be watched back on of my visit and conversation with the store manager which showed that i was the one telling the truth . They would not allow that I discuss this incident further with a area manager , and getting details of higher managerial to take my complaint to is impossible to come by . Does anyone know what my rights are when requesting information of the Chief Executive of Matalan please ? like an email address etc , thank you
  12. Can anyone help .Brighthouse are ringing me and threatening to remove goods ,they say they dont need a court order /warrant to enter my home to do this ,is this correct please ? They have even intimidated my 13 year old son on our doorstep telling him they will be back later to collect goods ,he was terrified by this .I have wrote to brighthouse ,a recorded delivery letter of complaint about their harassing and bully tactics but they dont seem to be phased by it .What is the law on the collection of goods without a warrant please ? thank you
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