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  1. Spoke to someone at the bank was told to telephone back on wednesday when they have spoken to the money shop, i bet we will end up paying this!! stupid woman should not have told us everything was sorted:mad2:
  2. Well this is just great!! not only has the money not been returned to the account but now its been disputed why did that woman at the co op tell us everything was sorted?? when clearly nothing has!! so so mad:evil:
  3. hope not the lady he spoke to said nothing about penalty charges we will see!! i'll let you know.
  4. Well my husband telephoned the co op last night and they said they have returned monies to the account and that we will no longer be over drawn he also closed the old account they did say someone at the bank should have told us to close the account so hopefuly its all sorted out now! i Thanks dx100uk for your help.
  5. thanks for the reply, what really has annoyed me is the co op told us to open a new cash minder account so the money shop could not take any money out and that if there is no money in the old one they can't make the account over drawn!!! is there anyway we can dispute this?? not happy one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me unsure what to do:sad: my husband has a co op cash minder account and i went on to the internet banking today and noticed the account is over drawn by £95.00, we took out a pay day loan with the money shop but were unable to pay it back we were in the process of arranging a payment plan with them but today they have done this. please can anyone help?
  7. Hi everyone hope i am on the right place to post this i live in a private rented house and as i was decorating babys nursery as i pulled off the old wallpaper it was soaking wet infact the whole wall was, so i telephoned my letting agent who send someone around and he said it was something to do with the roof and would need replacing he said he would tell the letting agentcy and get back to me that was over 3 weeks ago I have contently been in the phone to the letting agent who promised me they would sort it but still no word, i have had enough!! i am 37 weeks pregnant and dont need this
  8. okay thanks i'll look in to that
  9. WOW so i've got to some how on income support of £142 every two weeks to pay the rest of my rent which is £284 this will leave me with £80 a month to pay bills and food not good! will this change when baby comes??
  10. no i live on my own with a baby on the way and no overpayments as its a new claim, the only thing i can think of is as i was waiting for them to sort hb and income support out my ex was giving me £26.00 a week just untill i recieved first payment of income support which was after christmas, told the HB this when i made my claim. Really confused now!!
  11. its 91.15 per week and my rent is £385 per month
  12. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if the amount you get for HB has gone down? i am receiving income support but only getting £181.00 every 4 weekly.
  13. Okay so i had my home visit yesterday and it was not bad at all he just asked me about my relationship and if i think i would be getting back with my ex wrote it all down in a statement and asked me to sign it and that was it! over in less that half a hour the only thing tho is i have read from other people who had a home visit that they wanted to see some id, bank statement , he did not ask for any of mine why was that??
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