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  1. There is no written version of our contract, the agreement was verbally over the phone and they sent a welcome email that signified the contract was binding from that point. In the welcome email the terms and conditions were presented.
  2. The contract was in the form of terms and conditions, I posted the link in post #28. And yes two out of three of us requested for the contract to be ended and the point split the bills have made was that they needed all three to contact them before they could cancel anything.
  3. I received a letter and an email from split the bill last week stating that as a final attempt to avoid legal proceedings they are offering me an option to pay 75% of the initial figure, which would bring the payment down from £291.59 to £218.69. That have stated if this payment is not made they will proceed to take legal action which could impact my credit. They have given me until the 24th May to make payment. I am considering whether or not I should pay the 75% figure and get over this burden, or whether I should pay it but still look to pursue them for the money back and damages. Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
  4. It wasn’t until we sent them the following email that we received our first response from split the bill pending the email sent on the 16th October 2018. By which point myself and my housemates were very confused as to the best way to go forward. I will also post the very quick response we received from split the. I hope it is clear for you to read.
  5. Sorry I have been caught up with University exams. Contract with Michael property for a flat share – three people 20th September 2018 – scheduled move in date 24th September 2018** - Terms and conditions email received from split the bill/ stating our account is ready to go 27th September 2018** contract with Split the Bills to commence date 1st of October 2018 email received from Michael property stating that property was not ready 1st of October 2018 temporary accommodation offered by Michael property 9th October 2018 temporary accommodation unbearable, decided to quit. 11th October full refund offered 15th October 2018 - Broadband activation date 16th October 2018 - Cancellation email sent to split the bill 20th October agreement for new property I will attach the terms and conditions of split the bills which is the contract for split the bills. https://www.splitthebills.co.uk/terms/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Group Welcome Email&utm_content=Group Welcome Email+&utm_source=Campaign Monitor Email&utm_term=here The email I sent on the 16th October 2018 was also in response to an email from split the bills stating they had problems setting up our water bill. I will attach screenshots of both below.
  6. I have told the whole story as I can. When you say chronologically, you asking for dates and times which I feel I have already sent in my detailed emails. But it seems you just want me to give you the specific dates only. I will try put that together. I hope you understand that this hasn't been easy for me also.
  7. We sent them our cancellation and they are not accepting it because they said it's just from 2 of us not the 3 of us. Please I need support and advise on how.to resolve this issue . So ease help advise
  8. In addition to Michael's Property, after the promise of a move in date of 20th September now being compromised, they gave us the option of temporary accommodation because at this point we were about to start the next term of university and needed to be near campus. On the 1st October (uni start date), we received an email from Michael's Property stating that and I quote "due to the amount of work that may be needed with the turn around on the current tenants handing back the keys and then the necessary cleaning etc to get the boys into the property may take longer than initially expected, although the property is empty and the boys will be moving in, the stress on the time line is not what we were hoping". They then told us that the landlord has a 6 bedroom property in a different location (further from the uni) that was and I quote "all ready for them to move in today subject to signing a temporary agreement". We were not stuck between a rock and a hard place as we had no other option to take what we thought was just a house further away from the university and not all of what it turned out to actually be. Now, we were told that this temporary accommodation was ready for move in, so without having much choice we chose to take the temporary accommodation whilst they sort out the property we had already paid for. On arrival of the temporary accommodation we instantly noticed that we had been put in a property that was in a derelict condition, without gas/heating or any sign of cleaning or occupation within the last 4 months, and we knew this because of the letters scattered around the property dated back to August and the number of unopened letters in the doorway. It took as a while to find out how to switch on the lights as we were initially met with darkness. As well as this the property was filthy with dead fly's sitting on the window ledges and kitchen counter, spider webs all over the kitchen a huge gap in the fence which was a big health hazard as anybody could have easily walked through and gained access to the property. The worst part was that there were still people's belongings in the rooms i.e boxer shorts, shoes, beddings it was a horrible experience and the three of us had no choice but to stay there for that night as Michaels property had closed for the day and we had no way of contacting them. This meant INITIALLY a night with no central heating or hot water, a functional kitchen and just normal living conditions in general. The next day we contacted Michael's property and they insisted that it was to their knowledge that the property had been checked and was ready for use but that was clearly a lie as the property had evidently not been occupied for many many months. We demanded that the least they could do was fix the central heating as we were left to sleep in a very cold house in October and a few days later a technician was sent to the house to fix the radiators. This them cause a MASSIVE leak as water began pouring through the ceiling down into the kitchen and really I couldn't believe my eyes. I have a few videos that show us entering the property and the conditions we were met with. Unfortunately I feel it would be too large to attach to this comment but I am happy I decided to record the first entering of the property A week later on the 9th of October we were still bring reassured that the initial property was still going to be delivered to us but at that point living in the temporary accommodation had become unbearable and we took up the option given to us of a full refund and this was on the 11th October. Luckily we came to an agreement with East Links to let a 5 bedroom property to the 3 us and this agreement began on the 20th October. Correlating with the cancellation dates with Split the bills you can see that as we were coming to a new agreement with East Links we decided that continuing with Split the bills was not the best option to take as their was a possibility of further incurred fees due to the switch of property.
  9. The agreement with STB was with 3 of us, and they claimed that because they did not receive confirmation from all three (recieving 2/3 by email) that we wanted to cancel the service, we ended up going past the cooling off period on that basis. This was the beginning of academic year 2018 and the first email sent to them to cancel our service was sent one day after our internet was remotely activated by plus net. This email was sent on the 16th October 2018 and we did not receive any response for three weeks. Following this, they received another email from the second of three tenants requesting that they (split the bill) cancel our service which also did not get a response. After trying to contact them on numerous occasions, we finally received some contact from split the bill on the 6th November 2018 only for it to be an invoice showing the payments owed for the second month of our agreement. Taking into account we had tried to reach them on many occasions in the period between the 16th October and the 6th of November to no avail. In regards to the rental company Michaels Property, that whole situation was very bad as they promised us a property initially on the 1st September 2018. This date was constantly pushed back from the 1st to the 20th, up until the point where they told us that the property was still occupied by tenants and they didn't have the power to remove their goods? At this point we had already signed tenancy agreements and paid the relevant moving in fees to Michael's Property.
  10. Hello, where.we went to live had broadband already when we got there and so we couldn't bring along the split a bills agreement. Hence the complication and at this point it had got so complex we didint really want.to continue with them. We realised it was a very bad idea at this point, as it was so complex and they were literarily trying to rip us off. So please advise. I have no other correspondence apart from the last one where they are still demanding payment. I did in my previous email. Michaela property. They are notorious and have been totally unable to communicate with them
  11. I have attached the bill breakdown as Adobe and also their email corrwpondemce. Please see above and let me know what u advise. This is really stressing me.out. And I just need.to know If within law I have to pay or if this is unfair of them to try to get money out of us.in such a case and manner. Regards.
  12. Hello, I'm unable to scan them in as pdf I am afraid. Lockdown and we all at home not able to access printers to scan the document. It was actually Their email and copies of the bills. Apologies for any inconvenience. So pls try and manage the copies attached from my phone.
  13. They are claiming we are still liable irrespective of us not moving into the property because they didint get the cancellation request from all the 3 of us before the cool off date. We did get our deposit back from the agent and the name of the agent is .... They claim we have to pay the below breakdown which was higher but I kept on disputing it after them not responding to us for spells.I would contact them and they will not respond for long period and yes they r so difficul to get responses.from. Then after a few they mails to and fro they reduced the bill to the below amount and breakdown. We cancelled in Mid November once we knew we would not get the flat but for some reason the bill they sent us is saying 10th of Jan 2019. I will send copies of their response to my email challenging them.on the proposed bill. Following
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