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  1. Hi honeybee13, thanks for your help, I will use the online calculator and I will let you know how I get on. also thanks, me to as I hope this job last as I hope I don't have to go on that Universal Credit again until they sort the current mess out as it's awful at the moment.
  2. Hey guys, just after some advice. After nearly a year on Universal Credit, I finally got a job as I started working for Warburtons in Burnley through this agency called (The Best Connection) and I started on Tuesday (December 6) and my shifts are Tuesday to Friday, 9am - 8pm and my wage is £7.20 an hour and I get paid every Friday. Just wondering if you could answer these questions for me: 1. Going from my wage, will I get any help towards my rent or council tax? 2. If the work doesn't last and the worst comes to the worst and I will have to start claiming Universal Credit again, how long will it take to get my 1st payment? 3. I normally get paid on the 19th of every month and I got told that it won't affect this month's payment, but it will in January for last payment, is this correct? Also, the agency said Warburtons might keep me on, but they not sure just yet. I hope they keep me on as I am enjoing it. Any advice would be great, thank you.
  3. Hello, I just like to let you all know that I have been in contact with Burnley Express on Thursday (last week) with the treatment I have currently receiving with Job Centre regarding my gay slogan t-shirt (NOBODY KNOWS I'M GAY) and a reporter took a picture of me in my gay t-shirt outside Job Centre on Thursday and he said I will be in Tuesday's paper which is tomorrow and my brother just told me that it's in the shops now and I am on the front cover and the headline is: Gay slogan t-shirt not accepted by Job Centre. The reporter couldn't believe it when I told him, he also said it's pathetic with Job Centre making a fuss over my t-shirt, he also said he has seen worse t-shirts in Job Centre. Just thought you should all know so you can see for yourself Note: It's all sorted now with Job Centre and no sanction will be placed on my claim however I am still going ahead with this article as if I don't do something then advisors will keep bringing it up again.
  4. Hi Honeybee13, The steps I have taken so far are the following: 1. On 5th of Feburary I attended my Job Centre appointment as normal and while I was attending that appointment, my advisor said this in her own words: Right, do you remember another advisor discussed about that t-shirt you wearing, well it's not suitable while attending Job Centre appointments, you need to change it asap, I am going to make a note on your claim that to wear appropriately clothing, if you wear that t-shirt in future appointments then I will have no choice but to put it to a decision maker for a possible sanction. 2. After when I finished my appointment, I went home fuming and I got on the phone to the Universal Credit helpline and I put in a complaint over the phone about my advisor and I also said that I shouldn't get told what I can or can't wear while I am attending Job Centre appointments, even the advisor on the phone agreed with me, he said it's just stupid. 3. On 12 February 2015, I attended my next appointment and I went in with my gay slogan t-shirt but it wasn't my advisor it was another one but my advisor was they and she looked at me and gave me a rude look, the advisor who I saw didn't mention one word about my t-shirt, she just looked on what Jobs I applied and then the booked my next appointment which is on 26 February. 4. On 14 February, I received a letter from Universal Credit/DWP and it states the following: You were told that you must ''dress appropriately when attending Jobcentre appointments, you should tell us why you didn't do this, if you don't have a good reason for doing this then your Universal Credit payments will be cut, please send us information why you didn't do this before 24 February 2015 which I posted a letter stating I shouldn't have to get told what I can or can't wear, I posted this on 16 February and its a freepost which said on the letter that I need to send it freepost. 5. I went to Citizen Advice on 16 February, the man who I saw couldn't believe it and he said it's pathetic, he said they can't stop my money because of my t-shirt, he also said the t-shirt is not offensive and I should be able to wear what I want at my appointments. 6. On Thursday 19 February, I received an outcome of my complaint and it states the following: Your complaint has not been upheld, you can appeal against this complaint by sending it to the following address which I have done and I posted it 1st class on Friday 20 February. 7. I had a chat with my MP on Friday 20th of Feb and he wasn't much help but he did state that Jobcentre can't sanction me because of my t-shirt but he did say you can challenge them and if you do get a sanction then you can get solicitors involved. I have also been advised to go to my papers and put an article in what Job Centre is doing to me.
  5. SabreSheep, I agree, even my mates saying the same thing you said that if my t-shirt didn't have the word gay on my t-shirt then Job Centre advisors wouldn't have a problem, all my mates saying I should be able to wear what I want, they even said this is homophobic. What if my t-shirt says the following: (NOBODY KNOWS I'M A MILLIONAIRE) bet they wouldn't mind my t-shirt then, it's pathetic this!
  6. Thanks for that link Richard, I will ring them tomorrow when it opens to see if they can give me some advice
  7. Ewww, you won't see me wearing women's clothes lol, not into that thing!
  8. Antone, I agree, never people get jobs in Job Centre, most of the advisors these days don't help you, they just find an excuse to stop people's money.
  9. id6052, Nah, it's fine, I wear the same slogan because if I don't wear it then no one will know, you can't tell if I am gay because I am 100% straight acting (sorry, if that's saying annoys you) but it's true. I also wear it because I am proud of my sexuality, I got nothing to be ashamed about.
  10. Id6052, Thanks, no I didn't wear my t-shirt while I was working at Boohoo, we had uniform provided, Boohoo is a big warehouse involves Picking garments, packing, house keeping. I was scanning items with a scanner.
  11. No, no mention of clothing it just states what I need to do to look for work like websites, hand CVs out, also it states if get sanction then it shows how many days etc.
  12. No, that's not true, I worked for Boohoo on 25 November 2014 - 13 January 2015 and I got that job by myself, so my t-shirt has got nothing to do with barriers.
  13. Id6052, I 100% agree with you on your post, if an interview is taking place that day when some claimants are signing on and he/she is wearing dirty clothes, trackies, trainers, t-shirts with cartoons on, football, Batmat etc then them are not suitable for a Job Interview so why just me getting picked on with my t-shirt while anyone else can wear all sorts of different t-shirts. This is the bit I am confused!
  14. id6052 Sorry, meant to say it's a threat of a sanction, not my response to my complaint.
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