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  1. Hi TSB has placed a marker in 2016 claiming false application for a current account. When I made the application I already had saving accounts with them. Ii did SARS request and TSB supplied information and they claim I didn't declare my previous addresses on the app during the application. It isn't like me. I have always declared my address history and still do. I asked for the steps and the application form but they cannot supply this. I can get certain cards for example Batclays gave me a transfer card recently other companies won't lend re CIFAS. Does anyone know when will it drop off? Secondly TSB have acknowledged my complaint but its now over 60 days and no reply when I request an update, CIFAS won't get involved until they issue a final response. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hi I took a loan out with these guys and struggled to pay it. I did make a complaint with FOS and they declined my complaint (which surprised me as I was in default already with this company and in major debt) However my account is in limbo land. Instead of defaulting the account they keep putting on my credit file its a late payment. My main issue, I have the money to pay. They won't take it (i have offered since December). I have asked and they keep giving me a standard answer advising they are waiting for the FOS to reply, I tell they have and they go quiet. I sent a faster payment to clear the debt and it was returned. I made a second complaint regarding customer service. Terrible company. Any suggestions? thank you
  3. Anyone able to offer any help on this? today they phoned to advise that they are stopping my payments until they confirm. Unum have replied saying no and I went to CAB today and they said they are unsure.
  4. My mistake I phoned them and she advised I'm on income based she advised me not to worry that the income based will have to stop and contribution will start instead
  5. contribution-based ESA and in a support group
  6. ESA and Income Protection Hi, I have suffered for MS for 8 years and went of work in March 2015. When my SSP ran out I was advised to apply for ESA and my Income protection started at the same time. I did not have any issues with the ESA application, no medical and put into a support group. Today I have opened a letter asking if I'am working. So i phoned them and advised that them I was employed but not working and getting (Income Protection) I also advised that I confirmed all this upfront in the application. They pay 66% less esa. It was funded by my employer Anyway sorry going on, the problem I have is I get two answers, one person said it will be fine and the second person says my ESA will stop as I get Income Protection. This is very important to me as I won't be able to pay bills if this happens. The income protection is paid monthly via my work (includes tax, NI and pension) Does anyone know which version is correct? thanks (ps sorry for bad English)
  7. Hi Guys Looking for some advice, I booked flights on expedia. During the booking process I checked and it said the fight was refundable (no mention of fee's). I then received an email with the flight details that states in bold tickets are refundable. So I needed to cancel but expedia they say its not refundable and it stated that during the booking process. Quoting this:- General Rules This is a restricted fare ticket. Tickets are nontransferable. This fare is non-changeable and non-refundable. This fare is not guaranteed until purchase. Carriers reserve the right to change the flight schedule at any time prior to departure. I clicked the link tonight for my flight details to be emailed and again its say they are refundable. Who is in the right, me or expedia? (maybe I'am reading something wrong). Thanks
  8. Can anyone help. I've got a large debts but have payment plans with all apart from one with Yuill & Kyle. They have sent me a charge for payment after a few missed payments. Can I do anything, my friend offered me funds to settle they refused. I cannot pay the full amount. I'am I stuck? Can I do a time to pay or is it to late? Thanks
  9. crazyfj


    thanks angel I made a complaint to HFC who owns my card over the phone, I was then asked to put a formal complaint in writing. HSBC have since then dealt with the complaint. I never did a SAR request. However they sent a letter giving me all my statements, advising me they cannot find the contract and quoted my T&C's (which they did'nt give me a copy off). I have a large balance, I can get credit but not with such a high credit limit (in fact no where close). This card is max out, now the apr is so high its a nightmare. I have to pay it,but I just wondered if there was anyway in getting them to reduce the limit. thanks fj ps my card is still with HFC/HSBC was'nt taken over.
  10. crazyfj


    Hi Sorry this may be in the wrong place. Marbles HFC/HSBC credit card has put my apr from 9.9% to 37.9%. I cannot transfer the balance. I did complain and asked for a copy of my agreement, they have replied saying they cannot source it, can I do anything to get them reduce the apr? How can they quote me T&C's. thanks, sorry if its in the wrong place fj
  11. yeah i'am the same, started at 9.9% then 14.9% then 22.9 and now 29.9% had a bit of heated dicussion on the phone, waiting for there final response. had a nice letter says they cannot locate my original agreement (just wanted to read it)
  12. hi i'am currently in dispute over a few charges in a small Halifax overdraft. We have saving with Sainsburys, I know HBOS owns 50% of sainsburys bank. So my question is can they take money out my sainsburys accounts into Halifax? ta fj
  13. Hi I was driving up from England to Scotland today, I put the cruise control to drive at 70. However there was a speed camera (on a hill) and the car slightly increased to 71 mph, I brought it down quickly but just out of interest would you ever get a speeding ticket for 71 mph or 31 mph? fj
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