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  1. Amy_Elizabeth, i was in the exact same boat and had a very large unplanned overdraft. I also had a high (ish) APR loan with someone. Luckily LBG suddenly changed their minds on offering me a loan and now i have cleared my overdraft and the higher APR loan and pay overall about £80-100 per month less due to fees, interest etc. It's worth keeping an eye on. On the LBG banking app if you go to the loans section it will usually say there what they think they can offer you - for ages mine was we wont offer anything, then out of the blue it changed and they could. I know that doesnt help much but worth just keeping an eye on it
  2. Yep i realise. Also trying to get a varied view of opinions / best options. "Being taken for a ride" doesn't really help in this already stressful time. Thanks for the input.
  3. Hi Martin, This is a battle im also fighting. I think my main concern was only to find out if they were in breach of contract - would this give me more reasonable grounds to just recover the initial costs incurred e.g. van rental, cleaning and days of rent missed, as you are exactly right regarding the upheaval after just finishing one big move. Thanks for the advice. Relating to the contract, i just looked and it is between us and the landlord - but is being managed by a letting agency. Apparently the request was they deal with all communications and act as the middle men..
  4. Thanks. Will it work out expensive to do this? I've never had to officially seek legal advice for anything.. Do you think it's first worth putting all these in an official letter including a full breakdown of costs, sending to tracked to the management company for the attention of the landlord? Or just post to the landlord directly?
  5. Hello, Hopefully someone can provide some solid advice! We agreed and signed for a property after viewing on the agreement from the management agent that various jobs would be completed prior to our official move in date. Upon picking up the keys we went to check the property again to ensure these had been done - none of the jobs had been other than cutting the grass. Upon further examination it also turned out that: - There were no electrics - There was no hot water - No heating - No smoke alarms - No CO2 alarms - Property not cleaned as agreed (to the point there are dead insects lying around and there was remains of food in cupboards) - Some furniture has been left over when renting on unfurnished basis - One rear external door to the property does not lock and therefore we cannot appropriately secure the property - Some rooms have curtain rails, others do not and are just full of holes - There are patches of paint worn off (after agreeing someone would repaint) We have two very young children (1 and a half and almost 3) with us and we were subsequently unable to move into the property on the agreed date due to the issues. We contacted the letting agent and were told the landlord was arranging the electrics to be sorted and the boiler - no one showed up to perform the work until 4 days later, meaning we could finally move in on the 5th day after our tenancy start date. There was not and still has not been any mentioned of any other works other than the CO2 and smoke alarms have now been fitted. As things like CO2 alarms and smoke alarms are a legal requirement for landlords to provide, would this mean there is a breach of contract or just that the landlord was breaking the law without initially putting them in? We paid for a van on the initial move in date for a for the weekend - as we were physically unable to move into the property due to the issues stated, are we within our rights to claim this cost back? As the property was not cleaned as agreed, we paid to have a cleaner come round. Can this cost be claimed back? Are we within our rights to claim for the days of rent paid where the property was uninhabitable due to these issues? It's been such a stressful situation and we are VERY lucky that we had a little bit of overlap in our current tenancy otherwise we would have been homeless or extremely cold for almost a week!
  6. This was for authorised. If I recall the letter correctly they have removed things like unpaid item fees,unauthorised overdraft fees or the general monthly fee to try and make this horrific idea look better... If you go into unauthorised you get charged at your authorised limit. E.g if your auth is 700 and you are 800 you still only pay the 700 fees.
  7. I'm trapped by this at the minute too I have quite a sizeable overdraft with Lloyds and every time i think i'll try and reduce it, something else comes up and the money i was going to use has to be used on something else. These new overdraft fees really do me over. Apparently if you're in a large overdraft the advice was to consider a personal loan instead. All well and good if they would offer one.. I looked at other banks but i think unfortunately i wouldn't get accepted with the overdraft elsewhere - so my options at the minute are pay a ridiculous overdraft fee, or get a high interest loan :/
  8. Ok, shall i just let things run their course until i get anything in the post? As i mentioned i cant even remember when the last letter i got was.. If so in the mean time i might print out that guide
  9. Thanks fkofilee. I'll take a read of that, i've started browsing and looks like some bits could be / are relevant. Is it worth doing this even after almost 6 years (i think most have dropped off my file now so some in excess of 6 years)? Any advice on the questions i most recently asked in post 27? I think it would be nice to have the shoe on the other foot based on this guide but my immediate concerns are what i most recently asked.
  10. I went through a phase of having a few, always repaid. Thought they were a great idea at the time.. Quickly learned otherwise and put a stop to it completely. Not even really sure why i turned to them, but once i did, it cost so much to pay it back i got sucked back in to taking another, then another, etc. then had to break the cycle when i was no longer working full time as i had to drop hours to start university. I've had a colourful financial past to say the least but i'm glad to say it was a bad point in life which i have learned the hard way from!!
  11. Definitely PRA Group. Can provide the phone number i'm left with via automated voicemail if you want to confirm. Kilmarnock address.
  12. OC: Quick quid (if you mean original creditor) Type of credit: short term loan (payday) Last payment date: Unsure exactly, probably around June 2011, nothing paid to any DCA's
  13. Ahh thanks dx! In all honesty i forgot about this thread. It's related to quick quid. It's been a long time since any action on it (hence why i forgot about this thread ) which has led me to the above post. I'm a little lost on where i stand with it all at the minute. Are there specific details you're after when you ask what it's about?
  14. VHello, I'm hoping someone can provide some advice on something. Over 6 years ago now (long enough it's just dropped off my file) i received a default which was subsequently passed on to Mackenzie Hall. I made no communication until i received a more threatening email in 2013 at which point i panicked and offered £5 per week and provided my name and address for their "data confidentiality reasons". (see question 1 - also yes, naive to think an email could be threatening but i didn't do my research first...) In 2014 i sent of a CCA request and subsequent follow on letters after receiving nothing. At some point in time this changed to PRA group but as mentioned above it's now dropped off my file. Today, and for the last probably year or so, all I've had is repetitive automated voice mails, no letters, no actual people calling me, just automated voicemails asking me to phone them back. I've moved address but have the royal mail forwarding service in case of any letters that fall through the cracks, hence why i can say no letters. To my knowledge, i never received any notice of assignment, and certainly did not hear anything back from the CCA request although i do recall receiving my £1 statutory payment back saying it wasn't required, and i've just read elsewhere this means that it was not a legally binding CCA request?! (question 2) Note: The reason i sent a CCA request was because i was disputing the amount of the default and how much they were saying i apparently owed them. I have paid any other debts and defaults (where applicable) i have had, and I am in a much more stable position now with my credit file coming along leaps and bounds . (Wanted to clear that up in case people think i want a get out of jail free card) 1. I'm assuming (but praying i'm wrong) that me panicking and providing my name and address and offering £5 per week is acknowledgement of the debt, so therefore my statute barred date is actually 2019 now despite the default dropping off my file? (Note i have never made any payment, only an offer that was never followed through as the original reported amount was exactly the same to the day the default dropped off my file) 1a. This email conversation was with Mackenzie hall, i wonder if PRA would have all of that still? 2. Is this accurate with the CCA request? Should i re-send one even though the circumstances are a) it's no longer on my credit file, b) they don't send any letters, only automated voicemails? 3. If a letter does slip through the cracks despite having a forwarding service set up, what can i do? Other factor(s): - For the last 3 years on my credit file, until the drop off, it was reported as "unknown status". I don't know if that is normal for defaults though? - The main initial dispute hence the CCA was around the amount i owed them. I am attempting in a couple of years to get a mortgage, so i really can't afford for a CCJ to crop up or anything but i don't want to just give in and pay the amount they are demanding... especially given the facts above.. Any advice appreciated... I know i've written quite a bit, but if i've missed anything that may be useful, i'm happy to divulge
  15. Thanks dx I'll look to get the ball rolling on this
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