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Found 3 results

  1. Hi this is my first post, so I hope this is of use to someone like me. I had contact from Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF) first in June of this year, advising me of a debt (which I never took out) with Mr Lender otherwise known as PDL Finance Limited. The debt I have learned was taken out in November of 2012, this i discovered from my Callcredit credit report which I applied for after discovering this information. MMF have stated that "..further to the communication from Mr Lender..." I have yet to receive any communication from Mr Lender in relation to this loan to my home address, they appear to have just paid a loan to some fraudster, not confirmed by post anything and sold the debt to MMF some months later. What is worse is that after a couple of months communications by post and email (which they do not seem to acknowledge or respond to) I have to print out the email and post it to them (MMF). This week I received a very short letter from MMF after I made an official complaint, advising me that the debt IS NOT FRAUD, and that collections activity will resume. This made my blood boil and me feel quite sick to say the least. I do not have an account number (yet) from Mr Lender, which I have this week requested, as I am therefore referring this complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman and they require an account number, I only have the MMF Reference Number. The FSO told me that MMF will have to give the debt back to Mr Lender/PDL Finance Ltd and they will investigate and make an adjudication. I also have taken out CIFAS Registration to try and prevent fraud happening again.
  2. I have a default with QQ dated 16/07/2012 it should fall off my file July 2018. Will it stay on my file after this date if there is still a balance on it or will it be removed regardless. Can they add another default at anytime?
  3. Hello, I am looking for some advice. I applied for a mortgage in December after receiving a Decision in Principle earlier this year. I was disappointed for the application to be declined based on my credit file. I got a copy and noticed that a default from 2012 with Motormile had been moved to 2016, which is likely to be why the mortgage was declined as other than that my credit file is clear. I contacted Motormile who admitted to their administration error and said they would update my file in 4 weeks. After 4 weeks it wasn't updated so I chased again and they confirmed it would be done within 2 weeks. After 6 weeks it was finally updated. 2 days later I was about to submit my mortgage application again, went on to quickly check my credit report again and noticed the default has been updated again with a 2016 date! While all of this has been going on the seller has been getting quite upset (rightly so) and at this stage it looks like the house purchase will fall through because I can't secure the mortgage. I know if this default is updated I will get the mortgage though. does anyone have any advice on getting Motormile to fix this again and update the CRA's immediately, is it even possible? I have reported it to the ICO but I don't have time to wait on them investigating. Previously I raised notices of correction with the CRA's but they all came back to say they were not updating their records, even though I have correspondence from Motormile saying the date on my credit file is incorrect. Thanks in advance!
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