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  1. Their complaints rep replied by email with the date of the last payment being August 2010. Also asked for a copy of my credit file. Yeah like he’s having this.
  2. So how would you request the default is removed (i.e. the grounds) considering they've registered it within the 6-years?
  3. This may have been covered so apologies however my wife had a debt with QuickQuid in 2010, there hasn’t been communication with them since and don't recall having DCA's involved we’ve seen the debt now appear on her Noodle credit file with an account start date of 2010 (when she took out the advance and wasn't able to make any repayments) but a default date of 2015 – i assume they’ve done this just before the debt is Barred so we’re screwed until 2021. Can they do this or is this unlawful? Some help would be appreciated. I've heard that a default can only be registered with a DCA within 6-months of the payments stopping - according to the ICO. Not sure if this is right.
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