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  1. Just posted them, but i am a patient man - if i dont get a response all the letters are saved on my desktop so ill send them again recorded
  2. I read with great pleasure a gentleman on another thread who successfully claimed back over 8k in fees from Quickquid after taking after multiple loans. I was in the same position pretty much as the gentlemen in question and was offered 350 quid in 2015 for full and final settlement which i may now have stupidly accepted. Do I have recourse to go back for another claim and say this was not considered correctly? would appreciate some advice, also in the same position with Wonga, accepted a fraction of the interest payoff paid over some 20 loans with them.
  3. Letters sent at dinnertime - see what we get back, thanks for helping and im sure i will need help with advice once i get the responses.
  4. Thank you, ill get them sent over the weekend
  5. II had two credit cards with C1 - i think one of them was through a broker which ended up being Crap1. Need to find a template to send for the charges and interest and fees etc if anyone has a template. Will get them a letter sent off, need to do the same with Alpha as well if they have the credit agreement etc Just checked and my barclaycard CC - £1100 is with a Cabot financial? The debt peaked at 45k and managed to get 10k of it paid off but if im being fleeced blindly then i need to start getting some letters sent ASAP dont I, Ive told Stepchange this month that i am recieving legal advice so wont be making this months payment until Ive had some replies...
  6. thank you for your responses. The Moneyway was a personal loan sold in 2014 - i do have the credit agreement which i can dig out if need be. Also repaying a Zopa loan through DMP - originally amount with Interest 15k, now down to 8.5. Paying Link Financial for OD on Halifax and HSBC 2k owed to Capital one for 2 x credit cards.
  7. Good Evening Renegadeimp. I wouldnt know where to start, in my opinion i borrowed X and havent paid back Y - I would welcome any advise this forum can offer in the next step, despite making numerous payments the debt still stands above 13k.
  8. I took out a 10k loan with Moneyway in 2014 which is now been paid back through a DMP with Stepchange, I received a letter to say it has been transferred to Alpha Credit Solutions, who are these people and what can I expect next - I literally cant find any info on ACS Thanks PB8111
  9. Hello, I had a loan with these sharks in 2012 - basically got 6 months before the 6 years is up, has anyone had any success in claiming back unfair monies from this tossers?
  10. How would I start a irresponsible lending complaint as indicated above? apologies if im being vague....my head is a shed today
  11. can someone link me directly to an affordability letter I can send to companies please?
  12. The force is strong with this one.......one mess after another with me it seems
  13. Good Afternoon Fkofilee, hope your well. I am paying back the loan because I feel I need to pay back what I borrowed?, tbh I don't really know the answered. and yes loan well defaulted now
  14. Good Afternoon and a Merry Christmas to all those trying to help people like me get out of debt....hope you guys have a fab one. Wonder if someone can help me with the below - I will be as accurate as I can without identifiying myself to the company who probably read this form. I took out a £1000 PDL loan out with this company early in 2014.. .I managed to make a small amount of contracted payments before I fell into payment difficultly, I have been paying back at a small amount and currently this is paid back at around £750 so 2/3rds of the original amount. When I signed the contract the amount was 1000 with 900 interest and 100 loan processing fee so in total paying back double the original amount. Are they still enforceable in making me pay back the entire 1250 or can I not claim reasonable interest of 10% example and give them back 1200 and call it quits? what am I options guys? paying them back what I owe is obviously reasonable but agreeing another 1000 in interest is madness imo (and yes im stupid for agreeing to it.....no one has berated me more than me) any help welcome guys....merry xmas....Paul
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