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  1. Offer received for approx. 70% of remaining balance after QQ admit to irresponsible lending in three of the loans. I don't have my account details at hand, So can only assume it was the last three. If that's the case, will my pre-offer balance be the total outstanding loan amount minus interest? Then there's this chestnut; "Please note that we are currently in communication with the 3rd party collections agency in possession of your loan(s)". It's all very vague.
  2. I told FOS that I contacted QQ for a final response and never received one. It looks like they have acted as a mediator to try and get that final response before acting. I will contact FOS with regards to the sesnstive details ive been asked for. Should I just ignore QQ? Ironic that they now ask for the sort of affordability checks that maybe should have done before handing out the money.
  3. Letter from FOS stating that they've contacted QQ on my behalf. Email from QQ asking for the following; To help us reach a fair complaint outcome in a timely manner (and where appropriate provide an offer of redress), please provide us with the following information as soon as possible: • Bank statements (at the point/s you took out your loan/s with us) • Payslips (at the point/s you took out your loan/s with us) • Any additional information relating to your financial circumstances (at the point you took out your loan/s with us)
  4. As I await feedback from FOS, this is the latest from MM/Lantern; Our efforts to contact you are becoming exhausted as we have made several attempts to offer you a repayment solution and even a discount. In light of this we are preparing your account for one of the following possible actions: Legal Assessment – your account may be sent to our Legal partners who will assess your account to determine if legal action is suitable. If they consider this to be the most appropriate action we will inform you of the next steps. You should be aware that there may be additional costs in the ev
  5. 8 weeks are now up. QQ haven't even acknowledged receipt, never mind reply with any options. Time to ask the FOS to step in? Any tips on presenting to them?
  6. FYI Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF) Please Note: As of March 8th we will be changing our name to Lantern
  7. First letter received from MMF today. Letter asked for payment and included a financial assessment form and payment mandate form. IR letter has been sent and received by QQ last week. Do I have to them them another full 8 weeks?
  8. We recently sent you a communication regarding the above account(s). Please note as the legal owner of your account(s) it is our intention to register your account(s) as in default with Credit Reference Agencies, which may make it harder for you to obtain mortgages, personal loans or other types of credit. This information will remain on your credit file for 6 years. Part of an email I received today. They can't do this, can they? Should I continue to ignore them while I battle out the IR claim with QQ, or.....?
  9. Ok, will send off a claim via post on Monday. Do you think they'll even look into it, having ignored two email claims?
  10. Thanks, dx. Tried to reply earlier to Bazooka but it wouldn't let me. I sent the IR claim via email. I sent a similar email in 2015 and that never got a response either. I think the 2015 email went to customer services but the most recent one was sent to escalations. I'm surprised I never received a response from QQ as the previous PDL companies were quick to respond to the same email and resolved the problem efficiently.
  11. Hello all This is the last PDL left for me to sort. I sent an IR claim to QQ at the end of November. They didn't acknowledge receipt or offer any response with regards to the claim. A week before Christmas I received a notice of debt sale from QQ, informing me that the debt has been legally sold to Motormile Finance. Looking for advice on best course of action. I have never contacted FOS before, so could do with some instruction if this is the action to take. Hoping to sort this and put the whole PDL nightmare behind me. Thanks again. Ironically
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