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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, am receiving emails and letters from Motormile Finance with regards to a QQ payday loan. Just looking for some help on how to deal with them. I have heard some debts come under the CCA and if they cannot come up with a contract then they cannot pursue? iS this correct? Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Took a loan out with Blemain Finance in 2006 for £5000.00 ....finished in 2011 never missed a payment my end, however the first direct debit they didn't call for in January 2007, I phoned them and asked why not they said if I sent a cheque and they would call for direct debit in February we would be back on track. No mention of being in arrears. Which I did this. Loan finished in November 2011 (all 60 payments made) and they said I still owe them £1,243.30. I have spoken to Blemain about this they say its down to charges for not having building insurance the house has been fully insurance all the time each yr I have sent copies but they say they don't receive them. I made several complaints to Blemain Finance which is always in their favor, plus I have involved the Ombudsman which was a complete waste of time because there are no records, as the person has left. I now still owe in 2016 to settle the loan and to remove the charge they want £1500.00. The finance agreement was a fixed sum loan agreement is there anyone who could look at this to see if its correct. I have also told Blemain Finance that I am in a IVA and they are still serving me with default notices. I have contacted my IVA people and they don't want to know.....need help!! Also does anyone know how they calculate their interest? I total their insurance charges up and fees to £462.00, so how do they calculate interest on that and made a sum of £1,243.30?
  3. I don't know if I am posting this in the right section but I recently just cleared my account with these cow boys i had taken out a £200 pay day loan from them in 2012 but tragically I was in a bad car crash two months in to my new job so I was not entitled to sick pay and my account went in to default. As time went on the total balance including as cfo quote"fines" was sitting at £495. I started getting bombarded with offers for the cfo resolve offer stating that they will remove all fines from my account etc and take It back to the original loan amount of £200 and credit my account with another £50. To cut a long story short after lots of emails from CFO trying there bully tattics, and trying to bull s**t me by saying that I need to supply debit card details to qualify for the resolve. I stood my ground and told them if you can send me this CFO resolve offer to clear my account for the original £200 then you can accept my offer todAy to close my account for as previously stated £200. They eventually agreed on the £200 which I paid on the 31st of May however it still shows as default on my credit report and I Am trying for a mortgage just now. I emailed them today to get them to rectify it but not heard nothing. Is there anything else I can do as i am sure this company will not be willing to help me. Thanks G
  4. HI All took out one of those at home training courses in 2006 but never got the support that was agreed in the paperwork, i constantly emailed for support but all i ever got back was replys stating change of tutor(kept emails). so i refused to pay anymore due to this as i could not complete the course without support. last payment was in 2007 i think . i was contacted in 2010 by apex claiming i needed to pay £1100 to which i replied that the account was in dispute due to the company breaking the terms and conditions of the agreement, i explained why and forwarded all the email correspondence to apex, apex had already put a default on my account to which i asked to be removed as they had no right to, they removed this and have asked for no money since but send me a letter every three months or so with whats oweing but not asking for payment, i checked my credit report today and they have put the default back on but says last updated 07/2010 any ideas on how to proceed as they are not asking for money but how did they put the default back on, it wasnt there 2 months ago. when they removed the default they also removed anything to do with apex, i cannot remember who i originally took the course out with it think it was acpd or similar. i have been working hard the last few years to keep my credit report clear and have done so until they put this back on any help or advise appreciated kind regards Tony
  5. Hi, Im looking for some help regarding my debt to welcome finace. Account Type: Loan Started: 24/04/2006 Default Date: 13/06/2012 Current Balance: £4,114 Payment terms: £178 x 25 months I have recently just signed up to see my Experian credit report and noticed that the default notice is not so long ago. I have never recieved a default notice nor have I made any payments to this debt in years. Shortly after taking out the loan I lost my job and was unable to pay the debt. I then simply forgot about the debt. I was only 22 and very nieve regarding money and debt. I have also moved house since. I have looked at the payment history and it says I stopped paying after 15 payments. I think this is correct by the 1, 2, 3 chart!! I was kind of hoping this debt would be statue barred within the 5 years (Scotland) Will this debt be on file now for another 5 years? Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks
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