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  1. It has been well worth the wait for the FOS. QQ has accepted their ruling and are refunding £8.5K and wiping out a £1.4K debt!! Just waiting for the payment and decisions on other IRL claims against other PDL's. Will make a donation once I have the Cash!!
  2. Hi, In September 2017 I lodged an Irresponsible Lending Claim with PDUK, who made an offer of £2,600 to settle the claim. I accepted this offer on the condition that all loans that were deemed to irresponsibly lent were removed from my credit file. They confirmed via email: Thank you for your email on XX January. In response to your query, I can confirm upon receiving your signed acceptance your credit file will be amended to remove the loans we have deemed to be irresponsibly lent to you. We can accept your acceptance via email in one of 3 ways. You can complete the final page, along with signature and bank details and send a scanned pdf to ourselves or post this to us, or, you can send us an email with the offer paragraph from your settlement page clearly shown and completed with requisite details (Bank details). I will also let your case handler know that you have been unable to get a copy of the statement that was requested. Kind regards, Anthony Palmer Customer Relations T: 0800 0093562 Last week I called to see how long this will take, only to be told that they would not be removing all information, only negative information and that the above email was an administrative error. I thought that emails were legally binding, unless there was a specific disclaimer in the email. Is this worth raising with the FOS?
  3. The total interest paid on loans 16 to 36 is just over £6K, plus the usual 8% simple interest. If you consider all loans then the total is nearly £8.4K plus 8% simple interest. They have offered to remove a number of the loans from my credit file. But not the last 3, which for me is a bit of sticking point. Does the FOS ever make a decision that is for less than the PDL lender has already offered?
  4. Thanks for the link. My dilemma relates specifically to a claim against QQ with whom I had a total of 36 Loans (inc 11 rollovers), and 2 instalment loans with Pounds to Pocket from 2010 to 2014. QQ initially offered to refund £1294, against an outstanding balance of £1450. I rejected this and raised a claim with the FOS, QQ have now offered to wipe the outstanding balance and refund £5,800, before the FOS has even considered the claim. However, QQ are refusing to consider the first 15 loans as they are all over 6 years. I now have to make a decision as whether to ask the FOS to consider the claim without the first 14 loans or wait for the FOS to decide whether they have the power to rule on claims over 6 years.
  5. Hi, Since September last year, I have been pursing claims against a total of 17 Payday Loan providers whom I had taken various loans from during the period 2010 to 2014. Of the 17 providers, 6 have settled directly with me and I have currently have 9 claims lodged with the FOS. The FOS have stated that they are currently trying to decide whether they are able to consider loans taken out more than 6 years before the start of an irresponsible lending claim, and cannot provide any timescales for the resolution of the issue. Does anyone have any guidance on a likely timescale for this to be resolved as I cannot find any further information?
  6. I am currently in the process of trying to claim refunds from nearly 17 different lenders. I have found QQ fairly easy to get info from. I just called them and they emailed monthly statements within 30 mins. However, they have only offered a pathetic refund which reduces an outstanding balance, so I will be going to the FOS.
  7. I had a couple of emails from MMF advising that they would be pursuing an outstanding Lending Stream debt and register a default asap. As I have started Irresponsible Lending complaints with Lending Stream and another 16 Payday loan providers, I emailed them and they replied that they would suspend all action for 30 days. After 30 days, they require an update on the progress of the complaints for the debts they are chasing for.
  8. Thanks dx! Does the fact that I have a high amount of unsecured credit which is not reducing harm my credit score?
  9. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
  10. The terms are £XXX x 60 months, also the balance changed from £15,949 to £15,370 without any payment being made which coincided with the status change from U to O:
  11. The terms are £XXX x 60 months, also the balance changed from £15,949 to £15,370 without any payment being made which coincided with the status change from U to O: [ATTACH=CONFIG]48724[/ATTACH]
  12. Hi DX, The agreement started in Jan 2004, I am unsure of when it would end.
  13. The account is not being paid by anyone as the balance has remained static, but the payment marker is green saying up to date! As Barclays do not appear to have defaulted this loan, is there anyway to get it removed from my CRA files? Thanks for all of the replies to far!!
  14. Thanks for the replies! Will the debt not harm my credit score if is not paid? I would like to move house in the future and am concerned about the impact of this on any future mortgage application. Is there anyway to find out if Barclays have issued a Default which dropped off in the past without contacting them? Thanks in advance!
  15. One more question, Do they have to issue a default or can they hold off issuing one to cause problems for years to come until the debtor agrees to make payment?
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