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  1. Yeah that's what I was thinking, seemed like they were trying to get away with offering me the minimum. Think I'll refer it. Thanks
  2. Yes horrendous credit and at least 5/6 + other loans with other creditors amounting to a couple of thousand owed out.
  3. Hi guys, Slight update, Savy, h and t and lending stream believe no irresesponsible lending took place so are currently on the way to the ombudsman. However I have received this from Mr Lender and would like a second opinion on whether this is a fair and acceptable offer or I should refer this too. Thanks in advance. Here's the email. Dear Mr Mooney, After reviewing your account, we can confirm you have taken one loan with Mr Lender on the 18 March 2016 for £250.00. We can confirm we have only received payments of £32.00 towards this loan and your account ha
  4. Thanks for the fast responses guys you're a great help. Can/ should I try to reclaim anything back from the loans thats I have managed to fully repay during a simialr time period?
  5. Another quick one, Vivus, one of my old lenders are essentially non operative now with no way of contacting them. How would I go about this? Also my Very catalogue account/ credit, is there any hope in reclaiming any of this?
  6. Quick question. If the loan has been sold to a debt collectors who am I hoping to receive any kind of reclaim or anything from? and who shall i be sending the letters too between the loan company or debt collectors? Thanks.
  7. Hi thankyou for you help, I am struggling to come up with everything I should include in the email. Do I send this to anybody in specific or the companies complaints department?
  8. Yes im with natwest, How would I go about making a complaint I wouldn't even know where to start .
  9. Hi, its taken me a while to finally come to terms with and finally admit defeat to the payday loans and debt I have aquired over the last few years. I have a number of outstanding debts. PiggyBank - 592 Safetynetcredit - 189 Wageday Advance - 140 Payday UK - 488 Satsuma - 64 Mr Lender and Vivus - Combined at 914 (sold on to MMF so unsure at the moment of the individual debts) Natwest overdraft - 2,000 These were loans taken out from 2015-2016 and I have still not paid them off or made any real dent in what I owe due to very low monthly repayments that have been
  10. Hi, about to have a read over it now, I don't think so no. I have all my details surrounding the loans but don't think I have any actual paperwork
  11. Hi, I'm new here so thought I'd just dive right in with my situation and see if there's anybody here that may be able to lend some advice. So over the past 2 years I'd say, I've collected up some payday loan debts to which all the remaining ones are now on small repayment plans of £1-£5 a month as I'm a student at university. At some points during taking our these loans I have had summer jobs and reborrowed from lenders with the same details even tho I wasn't in work at the time I claimed I was in order to ensure I would receive the loan. As I took out some of the most rece
  12. Hey, I have a around £1,500 in outstanding payday loan debts which at least £1,300 were taken out when I didn't have a job ( im a student but worked in the summer). I was thinking of doing the same because clearly these were unethical lending on the company's behalf, how did you go about making the complaints?
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