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  1. Hi thanks for the replies, I have had emails back from quick quid, I am just sorting through the loans from them. they are requesting my bank statements and wage slips from when I was getting the loans, I do not have any of my bank statements or wage slips, what should I do. Thanks for the help and advice
  2. Hi first time posting on here. I like most got caught up in a payday loans trap, I took out multiple loans with wonga and quick quid, I was paying one off then borrowing from another to live on because the repayments was most of my wages, I am posting on here to try to claim the interest back on my loans as I believe they was leant irresponsibly, when I first started taking the loans out I was already in debt to Halifax due to a £1000 unauthorized overdraft, that's now sold to 1st credit. I have emailed wonga and quick quid this email. To whom It may concern, I am making a complaint to you about irresponsible lending. To help me explain the details, I would like a list of my loans, showing when they were taken out and how much was repaid and when. Please note I am only asking for details of my loans, I am not making a Subject Access Request. Thanks Mr T B. I have received this email back this morning from wonga. Your complaint is being dealt with Dear Mr B, Thank you for contacting us. We were disappointed to learn that you are not happy with our service. We take customer concerns very seriously and we will do our best to investigate this for you as quickly as we can. We are referring the matter to our team of customer support specialists and they will contact you to offer a resolution or an update regarding their progress. A copy of our complaints policy is attached for your information. Your case reference number is ********. Please quote this number if you need to contact us regarding this matter. We will do our best to issue you with a full final response as soon as possible and will keep you updated on our progress. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us by telephone on the number below or by sending an email to customer complaints Kind regards, Complaints Team wonga.com 0800 316 6745. Do you think I will be able to claim back the interest on the loans. as I am currently unemployed, not claiming benefits, and suffering from depression, so any money I might be able to get back would be a massive help to me atm, i would like to say thanks for reading this post and any advice given to me will be a huge help ��
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