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  1. Just had an email offering a Black Friday 40% discount of this debt. This is after they have been reviewing this account for legal action (a least a month now). Is this the last hurrah?
  2. Admin - this is following on from a thread of the same name which has been closed. Evening all, The last letter I received from Wescot was Sept 2019 which followed a reduced settlement offer letter. I have today received a letter from Nationwide (the letter reference is PLIPDF - i'm curious to know what this means if anyone has/does work for NW). The letter refers to a Default Notice and goes on to say... "'This Default Notice also said if you don't (clear the outstanding balance) we may take legal action against you. Unfortunately, we're unable to alter the standard explanatory wording within the Default Notice as it's prescribed by law. The purpose of this letter is to confirm we won't be taking legal action against you with respect to this Personal Loan, even though the Default Notice previously sent states this may happen." Please can anyone shed any light as to what this means? The default dropped off my file almost 12 month ago. TIA
  3. No I haven’t gone to FOS. Their client is Payday UK
  4. Okay thank you. It sounds more than a threat then.
  5. I haven’t had any letters via post so I think they have my old address. Had a couple of emails through but loads of texts.
  6. I keep getting these texts from CRS, are they serious? Or should I act. Any advice appreciated... ”We haven’t received a response to the Letter Before Claim issued by our solicitors. It’s imperative you act now” and another one... ”The CRS legal team will be conducting a Pre Court Action Review this week. Contact us today on...” TIA
  7. Quick quick is with FOS. PDUK I just haven’t paid them anything for 12 months, but it’s still on my credit file until Jan. I don’t mind paying £60 to clear it.
  8. They declined that it was irresponsible lending so I disputed it and they declined again
  9. 12 months was the last payment. I’ll ignore their letters then
  10. I did, i haven't paid a penny to any of them for a year. i've got a complaint with the FOS for Quick Quid and I've got disputes in place with my other loans. My biggest one is a grey area, they say it's enforceable but I say it's not because they only have a online application with no signature. I don't mind paying small amounts the clear as i'm looking at getting a mortgage soon.
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