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  1. Just before Christmas. Thanks for the help and input
  2. I have already sent a CCA request to link also. I think my last payment was June 2018
  3. Because Link Financial are chasing me for money
  4. No, I've not sent it with any of my previous SAR requests either.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I no longer have an account with them, I am at another address now. I haven't provided any signatures, the only signature they might have is from the CCA. I wasn't sure if they were trying to get hold of my signature so they can stick it on a CCA and enforce it.
  6. Evening, I requested a SAR from Co-op, I had a loan from them several years ago. I gave my name, address from when I made the application and the reference number from the loan. They have replied to me saying they are unable to verify my signature(s) after checking my records. They have asked my to provide photographic ID in order to investigate the matter further. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this with Co-op? I've requested SAR from other places with no issues. Many thanks
  7. Thanks!
  8. Evening All, I'm well on my way with letters and CCA requests etc but there is one that I could use a little advise with if possible please. I have an outstanding amount of £131 from and Argos card. I was paying this off at £1 a month through PayPlan. I stopped paying this about 6 months ago and has been passed to Moorcroft (I'm not sure if they bought it or if they are collecting). I have worked out that I have actually paid more than was what originally borrowed, the remaining debt is purely interest charges and late fees. Does anyone know if there's a good way to address this to Moorcroft/Argos to get the account closed/settled without having to pay anymore, as I've repaid more than the original amount? Many thanks in advance
  9. Would you have a document that says that they can't invoke the 6 year rule on an OD or CC? I'm replying to the letter shortly, in your opinion, should I respond with the approach that I didn't know I could make a complaint or that the 6yr rule can't be invoked? Many thanks again for your help.
  10. Interesting. I'll reply to the letters explaining that then. I have another response from Quick Quid who said the same thing and they wouldn't budge on the matter so I contacted the Ombudsman.
  11. i'll upload now. Yes I sent CCA Letters to all who aren't original lenders. Since Cabot told me the debts are unenforceable, I haven't paid anything to anyone. My Nationwide has recently been referred to Moorcroft. Payplan hve now 'disowned' me for not playing ball.
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