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  1. I've tried speaking to them on the phone – they said they will investigate with the third party to see if any payments have been made, but have also confirmed that they no longer own the debt and it has been sold. Which makes it irrelevant – and underhand if they're also using the interest amount on that loan to reduce their offer.
  2. Hi there, Hoping you can help with a quick question! I made an irresponsible lending complaint to Quick Quid (loans for over six years ago) and they have come back with an offer. I'm just wondering what the correct procedure is if there was still a balance on the account (one loan unpaid) – as I mentioned though now over six years old. They sold on the debt (I have an email from back then telling me they are no longer the legal owner), and I did make a few small payments before I received a default for it. They have agreed that six of the loans were una
  3. Hi there - just wondering if there is any way of accessing years-old credit reports? I paid for an Experian account at various times on an off over the last 10 years, but each time there is a break in the subscription, the history obviously ended. I'd really like to be able to look at my credit score historically but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this? Or is there? Thank you!
  4. Thanks Andy! If I am now paying TM Legal services – to get my CCJ marked as satisfied as soon as possible, do they legally own the debt? It all essentially still the same company isn't it? I just can't put a reclaim in to them
  5. Hello all, it's been a while but was hoping to get some advice. In terms of reclaiming from PDL loan companies that have gone poof, where does the land lie? I put in a claim to 1st Stop and apparently my loans were issued when it was operating under Clear Recoveries....now dissolved. Same address though etc. Pfffff. I'm still making payments on this loan to TM Legal as was issued a CCJ (18 months left on it)...but REALLY wanted to do a reclaim. Is there nothing that can be done once the company has gone under? Thank you!
  6. So, more detail: The judge said that even though they didn't have the original default notice, she knew of no reason / case law why the one that they had issued themselves, after being assigned the debt, wasn't valid. (This default notice is shown in #36 if you need reminding of it.) She went through the wording/dates etc of that with a fine tooth comb and said in the absence of the original, which the claimant had already admitted they couldn't obtain, issuing their own was valid to pursue?! I think this is an important point for anyone else reading this who are defending a similar clai
  7. Sorry, I'm typing quick because I'm on the move, but I'll update fully later. It's worth a mention though, that I didn't win based on my argument (lack of original default notice) but rather the bad-assery of the female judge who pulled apart some other stuff. Thrilled and THANK YOU for inspiring me to be strong. I will of course be making a donation.
  8. So my hearing is this week. Wish i could take a couple of you along with me in my handbag Joking aside, I have a couple of questions about my defence: 1. Considering they have provided an agreement and note of assignment, and only a reconstituted default notice, how are they likely to argue against the need for an original DN. Considering the outcome of this thread.... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?486774-BW-Legal-Lowell-Vanquis-Court-hearing-in-2-days-received-witness-statement-only-this-week!-What-should-I-do/page5 2. Should I lose, what costs would
  9. Thank you...and are they likely to bring along anything to the hearing that wasn't disclosed in their WS? If they have stated they aren't able to obtain a copy of the DN, will this still be the situation at the hearing?
  10. Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! Is there anything else I need to do prior to my hearing. Am I able to take someone with me?
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