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  1. Thanks for your reply. The reply I got from the ombudsman asks me to chose one way to proceed so I don;t see how I can dp both. I had constant PD loans for 2.5 years but not with the same company every month. Most of them were with QQ and Wonga - sometimes consecutive months, sometimes with 2-3 months gap. I took the loans between 2010 and 2012, most of them are older than 6 years to be honest.
  2. Dear Forum Members, I used to be in a mess getting by on PD loans and had up to three concurrent ones Thankfully with the help of family members I managed to pay them off. At least I now pay off my debts with no interest ... I recently found out out about your website and decided to make a claim for irresponsible lending. Both QQ and Wonga rejected by claim so I went to the ombudsman. As some of my loans were more than six years old, QQ replied that they will not deal with them. The ombudsman has offered me two options: Continue claiming for all loans which will take more time and may fail or progress only with the loans I took within the last 6 years. So my question is if its worth pursuing the old loans? Do I have any chances of success? Or should I pursue the rest of them and get what i can ? Any advice would be appreciated. Andy G
  3. Hi- I had an HSBC credit card from 1998 to 2011. I read in other posts that people who opened a credit card this period had PPI on it I was able to find some statements from as far back as 2004 but I can't see any reference to PPI on them. Would that be included in the interest charge ? Should there be a separate charge for PPI? Is there anything else to look for on the statement that indicates PPI? Any advise would be appreciated. - Andy
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