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Found 10 results

  1. Hi CAG. I recently got a ticket for driving in a pedestrian zone at Barking It's a disgustingly confusing section of road that the council seem to be making a lot of money from. I am tempted just to pay the discounted rate but lately have been floored by PCN's. On discussing it with collegues and other law abiding decent motorist I learned I'm not alone. How on Earth did it come to this where the councils are acting so despicable..? I want to appeal this one so I can help others fight back against this robbery. I turned right at the corner in the image Barking1, there
  2. Hi everyone, I just joined this site after a friend recommended it. Can you help me please? I got a fine from Newham Council for stopping on box junction. I believe you can stop if the lanes in front are clear, as you can see from link below the left one is clear so therefore would I be successful if I appeal? I don’t want to appeal if I will fail and then have to pay the full 150 and not discounted 65 if I pay within 2 weeks. .I would appreciate your advice. Thank you, rai
  3. Evening, Last wednesday iv received typical civil parking notice from Athena. 45 quid Iv overstayed 10 mins. Went into lidl to buy water and some biscuits, paid cash. threw out receipt. Afterwards went to the bank which is in opposite street. Came back to car and drew away. I don't usually shop at Lidl, so i wasnt aware of their policy regarding parking. After the incident, i went back to the same Lidl to take sign photos. What really surprised me that there's no mention 10 min rule. Besides isn't it clearly stated, that i can park for MAXIMUM STAY 90 mins per store. R
  4. Hi all, on the 27 February this year I drove in a bus lane during its operational hours (3-7pm) I received a letter from the council a PCN on the 4/03/16, I responded to the PCN saying that the bus lane sign was obstructed by HGV lorrys delivering to a builders merchants across the road, I looked at the cctv footage that the council had, now from what I can glean from other websites, the cctv footage has to show me passing both bus lane signs ie the entry and exit signs, the footage does not show me passing the bus lane entry sign as the sign is around the bend and out of the cctv cameras vis
  5. My hubby has today received a PCN for a YBJ offence that took place on 13 April. The picture on the notice looks pretty conclusive but I've requested the video evidence just to make sure. It is a notorious junction in that you think you'll get across because the traffic is moving nicely, then it all grinds to a halt, not helped by the pedestrian lights that are spitting distance from the edge of the box. I'm not looking for excuses for hubby- if he did it, we'll obviously pay, but I don't like the idea of giving the council extra money if I don't ha
  6. I received a parking ticket from Athena which did have photographic evidence apparently you are only allowed to stop no longer then 10 minutes if more then you need to register within the store, the writing on the sign about this is very small and people who read the sign on arrival will only see the big writing which states free parking for up to an hour??? confusing I have appealed on a few occasions but they are ignoring and threatening CCJ ect., cannot find a number to ring lidl myself to intervene as I think it is unfair for one branch to do this and the
  7. Hi can anyone help me with this, it’s driving me insane. I was issued a ticket by a smart car for parking in a loading bay whilst dropping of my dry cleaning. What’s really hurts is that I asked the guy in the smart car if I could park for five mins, he agreed, I was only five mins. Surprise, I then get a letter in the post requesting I pay a fine. I contact the council, find out it was in relation to that day, ask to see the video evidence, which just shows my car sitting in the bay, not approaching the driver or returning to my car. Despite numerous phone calls to the park
  8. Hello, here's the story. For some reason, I have not received PCN, may be was lost in the mail, but received Enforcement Notice. I prepared representation, and come to a point when I need to send it. I realized that the letter does not contain the necessary addresses. There is a whole page with explanations on how to pay, but there is no address indicated where to send representation! I find their website and precisely: Make a challenge against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), and there I came across another crap. In the box where I need to fill my PCN
  9. Please help, am at my wits end over my neighbours increasingly worse issues against me, now making complaints about my dogs. Im worried sick that im now facing legal action and fines. 11.03.13 Received an Abatement notice from the council about my dogs barking. They stated 2 weeks ago, for 1 hour, my dogs barked constantly at about 3pm. I was not here (at an appointment so no way to prove/deny they were barking). Council have not issued any proof or evidence of this being true. A couple of weeks ago they sent a letter saying my neighbour had made a complaint about the dogs bark
  10. I have just received a parking fine from TPS for parking in a tesco car park (only about 15 mins) I was incensed when I got home and read that if you do not pay £50 within 14 days you AGREE to pay a fine of £100 . I went back to the car park the next morning to check the area where I had parked and there was no ‘no parking sign’ and no markings on the road to suggest that it was a no parking area, although the area was next to a disabled bay. I was going to appeal and send the picture off as proof but having looked on line this would appear fruitless. This is s
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