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  1. A SAR was sent to BPF which is what I received today, the CCA was part of that. (I actually forgot I sent the SAR and thought this was the CCA reply which it isn't) I also sent a CCA request to Hoist which has not been returned yet. (The £1 cheque has been cashed) Both were posted on 30/01/2020
  2. Received the CCA from BPF today. The attached PDF shows exactly what was sent. I also heard from the court yesterday and the set aside hearing has been transferred to my local court. Waiting for a date. cca edit.pdf
  3. The latest from this is an email that asks my OH to contact a telephone negotiator at Debt Recovery Plus. I'm guessing this is not the best idea?
  4. Just a quick question. The case was originally dealt with by County Court Business Centre and then sent on to the County court Money claims centre. CCBC are saying I should send this set aside application to CCMC. Does that sound right to you? Thanks.
  5. Once again! Hopefully all redacted. The white text in the dark areas of the image all tie in with the info in the doc, Can't seem to get that any clearer. NTK KG2_compressed (1).pdf
  6. They basically repeated I would have to apply for set aside myself. I am not sure if the person I was talking to understood what was going on.
  7. Ok, no joy for set aside with consent from Hoist. So in the N244 should I include a draft order? and is there a rough template for requesting costs due to claimants errors? Thanks.
  8. I read your post and in my post added more information that you didn't have. The courts are preparing the next step after an AOE which would be bailiffs. Do I have time to write to Hoist/Robway before the next court steps take place? Will a letter to Robway be dealt with before the court takes it's next action? Do you see what I am getting at? (It seems I don't have much time before the court carry on with their enforcement actions) Thanks.
  9. I called the court today and the AOE application from the court/claimant was sent back to the court as 'not known at this address' They suggested that I fill in form N56 and send it/email back to the court (CCMC) with the correct address. (They cannot change the address until they have that in writing!) That would basically be Case number and a tick in the box which says self employed. I am unclear as to how I should proceed regarding the next steps the court take. How long would it be before a bailiff turns up due to the N56 being sent back to them? Does the court (CCMC) send more letters before Bailiffs arrive? Do I have time to write to Hoist and request they set aside and pay for it? Can they start the set aside application or is that only something I can do? Do I write to Hoist and complete the set aside application without delay and pay for it before they reply? The set aside application would have to be sent to CCBC, do they contact CCMC and put any enforcement on hold until after the set aside hearing? Many thanks to all.
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