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  1. Well sent a letter stating what happened. See what they say.
  2. OK thanks! I know they are clear from the view from down the road, but could I have not seen them because I was turning the corner? I honestly didn't see them for some reason... OK This should be the scanned PCN. Fingers crossed. It would help to know whether I should just pay or whether I have any scope for making representations. I genuinely didn't see the signs and know I had contravened any restrictions. Thanks for any help or comments. PCN_TML.pdf
  3. Dear All Thanks for your help. Difficult to do much as have been at work. I have scanned the documents but can't get a word version to delete personal info yet. I'll keep working on that and try to post later. The contravention was: 51J - Failing to comply with a no entry restriction (camera enforcement) The road stated is Temple Mill Lane - although I understand the road is actually temple mills lane. The images are attached This link below gives a view of signs and street view showing the direction of travel has priority over oncoming vehicles.
  4. Really shocked to receive a PCN today. I don't know the area and was turning left out of Leyton Road to join Temple Mill Lane. I never saw the no entry signs. I don't think they are at the right angle for motorists from my direction. I've done a bit of research on the internet as I don't live near there and can see there was a no left turn sign in advance of the junction, but I must have missed this... shouldn't there be a no left turn sign at the junction with Leyton Road and Temple Mill Lane? I'm normally observant. I don't know why I didn't see these s
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