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  1. Hi Ericsbrother. Im in Peru at the moment and have been out of the uk since the beginning of December 2018. How do you mean walkover victory?
  2. https://www.shoreham-port.co.uk/news/port-reinforce-importance-of-responsible-parking- Found this not sure if relevant or not?
  3. Would you mind pointing me to an example template? Also is it worth including the right to appeal in which they missed out as well as missing out on the 56 day deadmine under POFA
  4. Ok so would dx100uk plus other members on this board be so kind to help me get the defence drafted so ca submit asap and get the ball rolling. K regards BB
  5. Hi there, I have followed post 21 very carefully, so whats the next stage submitting the defence.....until what date do I have to sumit my defense....can I sue them for breach of POFA? Best Billy
  6. Sorry I misunderstand. No I am not working...I am currently away travelling and have been for last 7 months....hence have not been aware of certain correspondence from Gladstoned....does that make a difference?
  7. How would I go about that....keeping a log of all my time spent on the case and charge at my hourly rate ie £20 p/h
  8. Thats going to be difficult as Im not in the country and possibly signs have changed since last year....I did take pictures at the time but havent a clue where they would be now
  9. Name of claimant-GXS Services LTD Claimant Solicitors- GLADSTONES SOLICITORS LTD Date of Issue- 11 June 2019 What is the claim for- 1.The driver of the vehicle with registration xxxx xxx ('the vehicle') parked in breach of the terms of parking stipulated on the signage ('the contract') at Basin Road Southwick BN41 1WR on 21/04/2018 thus incurring the parking charge ('the PCN'). 2.The driver of the vehicle agreed to pay the PCN within 28 days off issue yet failed to do so. 3.The claimant claims the unpaid PCN and from the defendant as the driver / Keeper of the vehicle. 4.Despite demands being made if the defendant has failed to settle that outstanding liability. 5.THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £100 for the PCN. £60 contractual costs pursuant to the contract and PCN and terms and conditions, together with statutory interest of £13.58 pursuant to S69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8% per annum continu8ng at £0.04 per day. Value of claim-£248.58
  10. I know its been a while. I have received a claim from the County Court Business Centre-northampton dated 11 June 2019. Claimant GXS....any correspondence through Gladstones. Nature of the claim is the PCN etc Plus it states in the claim that the driver agreed to pay within 28days of issue....im not sure what that means as I never corresponded with them. Nowhere does it mention the notice to keeper being sent 66days later. So the claim is for £248.58 and I have 14 days to respond to the claim. Any advice warmly welcomed. P.s i will post up redacted version of the claim, I just dont have access to do so today. Best wishes Billybob
  11. thanks for updating the thread, great news! Wonder if any of those defrauded will end up getting any money back from these two? Best BB
  12. Hi there Ford, thanks for your input, yes this is my understanding, so if we were to go to court, which at the moment is likely, the ltd co. would be accountable and obviously wouldnt be wasted time as they clearly have assets however its headache also, so would be better to resolve amicably. Best Wishes
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