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  1. also I wrote to the court 22nd April asking to include the transcripts from the recordings and never heard back from the court. yes have complied with all court directions!
  2. The Hearing will now take place by Telephone as court's response to COVID-19, Date set is 20th July 2020 Deputy district Judge Campbell N.B Still in the process of sending a Rejoinder to the Defendant's Defence to the particulars of Claim, does anyone think this has been left too late or will not be considered by the judge as have not been advised otherwise! It states answer the call from a private number and press *1, say name and then press #key, (just putting that there as a reminder)
  3. Hi EB thanks for your last two posts A) the friend has got more pro-active and has joined and posted various times on the FB group fight your private parking invoice. Not to sure on the level of advice but for the minimum the friend is more clued up and not scared S***less. B) please could you refer me to the post on this site, I did a quick search on Lewes on the BB but could not find anything current. K regards Billybob
  4. Hi there, person in question is a friend who I am helping out and yes they are the registered keeper. It does appear that no notice to keeper was ever received. Yes I completely agree with what you are saying Thanks for your response K regards
  5. Excuse me that was an error on my behalf I meant to say £170 daylight Robbery aka Dick Turpin, and his merry band of car park parking racketeers
  6. The person who accrued the whopping fine is not Me and does not know if they paid the ticket of not as they are a bit scatty however they swear blind that they would have paid it and have been parking at the car park for many years. Just to let you know the person in question is very worried and has replied to Debt Recover people today by recorded delivery, I mentioned not to but they decided they know best, so feel a bit silly trying to help someone and reassure when they wont listen....anyway thats another story
  7. just received this in the post from Debt Recover Plus, creditor, Premier Park LTD
  8. no BF, hasn't been sent yet? What would you suggest to include K regards
  9. Thanks for your post EB, I have looked on. Google spy on you and I can go for a 'virtual walk' around the carpark entrance and can see the sign but cant navigate the little man to actually take a screenshot of the signage, would you be so kind too assist in this matter. thanks in advance Regards BB
  10. Thanks for your response Bankfodder, very kind and really helpful, am writing to the court, asking to counter the defence and as you say BF, to introduce the Recording and send a copy to the defendant. Cheers
  11. please excuse the rather crass redaction, Acrobat is no longer installed Would someone be so kind to edit the title to premier park...
  12. What to do with this piece of tat, take it seriously or ignore. Do they have any legal footing? I have left the location in as there must be some rights issue here to the land (or so I am hoping) Any help much appreciated Premier Park letter.pdf
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