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  1. Hi There Craig, yep the car was serviced pretty much as soon as I bought it, regarding the filter I mean to say pump: the diagnostic is as follows: On arrival vehicle oil pump failure due to loose bolt inside casing smashing hole in case also damage to cam belt Regards
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum, So long story short bought a car from a friend, (who turns out to not be a friend at all) August 2018 I bough a car for 14k from the guy and paid by bank transfer. He showed me a used car bill of sale for 15k which he had (now) clearly knocked out to show me and thus we agreed on 14k, for a sale, he had only put about 2k miles on the car in the year he had owned it. anyway stupid of me not to check I know, but he was a friend who I thought was being honest with me. He even went as far to say I am not trying to diddle you, which now was a clear sign that's exactly what he did do. Unfortunately the engine nearly blew up a couple of weeks ago a bolt dropped out the oil filter seal, smashed up the engine casing and nearly ripped up the cambelt, luckily didn't as then really would be a palava anyhow going through the cars history I found the name and number of the guy he bought the car off and gave him a ring and in the conversation it came up that the friend paid 12.8k for the car and not the 15k which he had me believe when he bought the car. Do I have a leg to stand on considering I bought the car 15/16 months ago and I dont have a copy of the 15k used car bill of sale just the sale we made for 14k. Obviously it doesn't make sense he paid 12.8k for the car then a year later I agreed to pay 14k for it. Is there anything I can do? I know it makes me look stupid and sorry for the long winded recollection. Thanks in advance best wishes to all BB
  3. Hi Andy thanks again when you're right as per post 29 as quickly as possible however it does say as per the letter from the court that's if the fully particularised particular of claims is not received by 4 p.m. on the 12th of December the court has the right for the claim to be struck out so therefore the deadline has already been missed and the court should strike out the case
  4. And what about the dates?? What is the deadline for the fully particularised partic. Of claim
  5. Hi Andy thanks for your reply just to let you know don't have the particulars of claim to hand but however the particulars of claim have already been sent to the court and the bundle of documents so therefore I am not sure what is the difference between a 'fully particularised particular of claims' and a 'particular of claims' solely
  6. Court shenanigans. Can anyone make sense of this drivel general firm of jud odr.pdf
  7. ok quick update have emailed Mr Rob Collins , Managing Director at Waitrose to see if he can work his magic. Regards BB
  8. For Parking Charge Notice received through the post [ANPR camera capture] 1 Date of the infringement-01 November 2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - I have not received a notice to keeper - only a parking charge notice, which is dated 06 November 2019. 3 Date received- unsure, but around 07 November 2019. 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes- There are two photos- I am assuming in and out of the car park 6 Have you appealed? No, I have not appealed Have you had a response? N 7 Who is the parking company?- Britannia Parking 8. Where exactly- Waitrose Car park, Western Road Brighton which appeals body they operate under- IAS
  9. Hi there yes confusing it is a PARKING charge notice....I don't believe there is any mention of penalty charge notice... And your point being?
  10. finally uploading the PCN, with penalty charge number removed I should probably add that I don't have a receipt or bank statement to prove that I bought anything from the store! Sorry EB, my bad britannia parking redacted.pdf britannia parking2redact.pdf
  11. Hi all spoken to the waitrose manager and he has said he is not prepared to get the ticket cancelled...so yeah now I am in a bit of a pickle....any suggestions how I can deal with britannia as now it has past 14 days so its £100 and not the original £50.
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