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  1. Yes, it's a mobile number (my UK number -- still paying that bill every month). No assets. Another creditor sent a letter advising that Wescot will be handling the debt. Wescot has not been in touch yet, however. I should ignore the calls and letters, right?
  2. Capquest have started ringing my phone. I am ignoring them. No letters received yet -- just missed calls. All of my debts have the correct current address outside the UK -- but is there still a risk that they might seek to obtain a backdoor CCJ using my old UK address? I updated the address promptly after leaving -- almost two years ago -- so in principle they have no excuse to use a UK address that's two years out of date.
  3. Thank you for your reply. So there is no chance of being taken to court in my current location?
  4. My role in the UK was made redundant and I had to return to the EU mainland. I have credit card debts with NatWest, Halifax and Virgin Money (£5000 each). I wrote to my creditors to offer token payments as a temporary plan to get back on my feet. Instead of writing back to address my query, they call my mobile and send boilerplate letters. One month after my original letter, Virgin has finally sent me an email that actually acknowledges the points I made in my letter -- they want a budget. I am staying with family and make some money with freelance work, but the income
  5. Thanks for the replies. Here are my answers to your questions (and one more question from me at the end): - Yes, I paid a deposit and it is held by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. I downloaded the certificate today. I kept the flat in immaculate condition. - We did a proper check-in and I have the inventory ready for the check-out. Question re: written confirmation of notice: will it be enough to send him an email and copy myself in, or must it be an actual letter?
  6. Hello, At the end of June I gave my landlord verbal notice of my intention to leave the property, in accordance with the 2-month notice provision of our agreement. I asked him if I should also give notice in writing, but he told me not to bother. He immediately instructed the agency to put the property on the market. I will be leaving on July 31st and I understand that I will be liable for August's rent if a new tenant is not found. I accept that, and fully intend to hold my end of the agreement. My concern, however, is that if a new tenant is not found, he will keep demanding r
  7. They have never asked me for proof in the past when I changed my address. That said, I will indeed probably redirect it.
  8. Thanks for the reply. If I ask them, I'm pretty sure they have been trained to refuse PO boxes, regardless of the consumer's actual rights. I have a half mind to hard-ball them and say it's a PO box or no address at all (let the soon-to-be-obsolete address rot).
  9. Hello, Unfortunately I recently lost my job and will have to move back with family to weather the storm while I look for new employment. I plan to rent a PO box with a private company (the address will actually start with "SUITE N") to retain privacy in case things go wrong and I start missing payments. Will banks accept this new PO box address? Thanks for your help!
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