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  1. I haven't been refunded now! I told them that I was going to my card company to cancel the payment as a refund that only lasts seven days is a joke. Now Blink box won't reply to any emails and I am not being refunded!!! Do they have to give a refund? Its not like I have even left the store with the movie, and its a virtual product!!?
  2. I was thinking of watching a movie the other night and went on blink box added it to my account and then realised that I had already seen it. I asked to cancel the movie without having watched any of it, they know that. They have offered me what I think is the worst refund I have been offered!! And for a virtual product!! They want me to choose another movie of the same value within seven days or the credit will expire and my money will be gone!! I have contacted visa debit and they have told me that there is nothing they can do, but do I have any options when it comes to my UK cons
  3. I buy non manufacturer cartridges which don't have a limiting microchip in them, then refill ink. ...Haven't brought a new cartridge in several years!
  4. I would say unless they are calling pacifically about the summons/fines issue, politely tell them to leave and not to come back. Nothing else. And personaly I would never sign anything given to me by somebody who's just turned up at my front door! And who are they to ask to come into your home!!
  5. I've had to have the clutch replaced on two cars in the last three years. Both had millage around or near the 100,000 mark and I don't think either had had the clutch replaced before. The only thing is that both times the cars had been taken to the same garage and within a week of getting it back from them the clutches have gone on both. And the latest was going noticably the very day I got the car back, not before as far as I could tell.. Each time the original reason for taking the car to the garage was for just an exhaust to be fitted. That has left me wondering a little about whether there
  6. Oh no that's exactly what I meant, so I could start gaining no claims bonus again and have a years by the end of the two if I switched company rather than stay with the one that I claimed with. I am actually disabled so being able to afford car insurance and staying mobile is very important to me and it seems to have gone up everywhere this year for myself by around £250 so something like that would be very helpful. Thanks for your help, scott808
  7. Is it true that if you lose your no claims bonus with a company which has a policy of taking two years no claims from you for a fault claim or theft and after that first year you switch to a different company, say with a policy of only removing one year, you can then gain a first years no claims bonus again at the end of that year? Regards Scott808
  8. Yeah I had this same thing with the AA break down, of course to gain membership with any of them now you have to tick the box saying you agree with automatic renewal and your card being charged even in your absence say! Try to cancel just a DD also and you have to watch for them trying to start up a new one without ever asking you! I paid by card one year cancelled the card before the renewal found a letter one morning telling me it had renewed, phoned them told I was going to have to pay £15 to cancel and that the membership, was £30 more than if I went with the RAC. Later after I realis
  9. Just entered a quote with the insurance company adding the" claim no fault, no claims bonus not lost" reporting of "malicious damage" and it hasn't affected the price so haven't got a clue why I was told it increased the price the last time I was quoted.
  10. Right I've another insurance issue??? I've just been told that I have a years no claims for this year, but also in June 2009 my car was stolen and apparently they the old company say in their documentation that with them, which I didn't stay with after that year, that I was due to lose 2 years not the one which I've lost, June 2010 and after being able to gain no claims again I guess??? Can I use the proof of no claims or is it only months and not a full year or not valid or valid as it was a different company or not valid if I went back with the old company??? Thank you again, sco
  11. Right ok thanks. So by using the legal cover that has turned it into a claim rather than just seeking help to recover the money I lost!? The window wasn't damaged by another vehicle but by a police officer and according to they're rules they do not have to pay for the damage they caused, which I was told the opposite of at the time. It was also the fact that they are calling it "malicious damage" which I guess is what the "legal department" were considering it when they were fighting my case which involved nothing more than a couple of letters but I'm sure the fact I used the service means so
  12. Get the hire car they pay for or start using the travel expenses for one and use the policy for that, and start demanding the money from the claim! The same thing happened to me and it was three months before they even gave me the money that I needed to replace the car while still having to pay £100 a month, so I can imagine how your feeling about still having to pay.
  13. Last year I applied for car insurance online and was given a quote I put in all the information I thought I was asked to but on ringing the company as I wanted to pay monthly instead of paying the full amount online I was told it was going to cost considerably more as there was a report of "malicious damage" being caused and reported to a previously owned car... After asking them what they were talking about they told me as they had a sister company that I used the legal cover part of a policy I had with them to attempt to claim money from the police for breaking a window on my car (long
  14. I've just had everything from two "non fault claims" when there were no claims at all, to "malicious damage" when mine failed to claim compensation from the police for me. And a "notification" by I trying to do that and them wanting £130 for it happening how they now say it did! If it is really because the claim hasn't yet been processed and its a "non fault" why don't you get insurance with a company that only asks for infomation on completed claims and then update it once its done?
  15. Hi again, I got the no claims bonus certificate through today even though I probably can't use it, but its got the two things they were going on about written on it both down as notifications, thank god, and a record from an accident from 97 that I don't actually have to tell me new insurance company about. That's down as a "no fault claim" even though no other vehicle was involved, and once again no claim was ever processed! ...Would really like some help? I don't want to have to expose myself to extra cost and the insurance company's passing on records if I don't really have too? The co
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