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  1. It'll work out about a fiver cheaper a month (she'll be getting rid of the phone too). It's not so much about the money though, as removing the worry regarding the TV licensing. I already know the answer, the TV license people will do nothing, but it would help convince her that what I'm suggesting is the right way to go and she has nothing to worry about if I had a few others chime in to confirm I'm right. Thanks for your input!
  2. Afternoon all! My girlfriend doesn't watch live TV, at all. That said she does have a Virgin set top box due to signing up for the tv/phone/internet package when she subscribed. She also has no TV license, but hasn't ever told the TV license people that she doesn't watch TV. I'm telling her to cancel the TV package and just fill in the form on the TV license website to say she doesn't watch TV and that will be the end of it. She's worried that they will investigate and see she has been a Virgin TV customer for ages and ages and demand back payment for a TV license. I'd
  3. I thought as much. Thanks for all the advice guys, we'd be lost without you! As soon as we get a payout there'll be a donation to the board on the way!
  4. Got a letter through from the bank on Saturday. What's my next course of action? LBA?
  5. Right, lemme get this straight. I'm still waiting for them to get back to me after I sent the first letter. They've got til Feb 1st to respond (assuming 14 working days). Once they respond (assuming they do) I should then send another letter with the revised amount? Or should I just send another letter now with the revised amount and then count the 14 days from then? Cheers in advance! PS. What's LBA?
  6. Since mailing the letter she has incurred another £60 in charges, what should we do in these circumstances?
  7. The letter is now sealed and stamped! Cheers for the advice, I'll report back as soon as I hear more!
  8. Right, massively confused now. I've got back a list of all the charges, it has entries as such : 10/09/2001 CHG O/DRAFT INTEREST 3.16DR 10/09/2001 CHG O/DRAFT USAGE FEE 5.00DR 09/10/2001 CHG O/DRAFT INTEREST 2.12.DR ... 09/05/2002 CHG O/DRAFT INTEREST 1.93DR 09/05/2002 CHG O/DRAFT EXCESS FEE 25.00DR Right, now I understand it's the excess fee's I'm going after. I know I've got to write the letter saying how much I'm claiming back, but what I don't understand is what parts of that I can be claiming. Can I claim all of those things or just the excess
  9. Nice one, I'll update as things move alone. Cheers
  10. Ok, so I've printed the letter, addressed the envelope... Who do I make the £10 cheque payable to?! Doing this on behalf of my girlfriend, she's nervous about it all. I've assured her it should be plain sailing! Thanks in advance!
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