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  1. Hi all, Firstly, this is a great forum with very valuable content and discussion! I am a newbie but hope to add my input where i can in the near future! I received a PCN from Brent Council a few days ago. Images (attached) have been captured by a lanewatch CCTV camera - that is actually not listed on their CCTV map (found on their website). Perhaps it is not an 'approved' device? They have 'apparently' captured my vehicle in a box junction, but there are no clear pictures showing the number plate. All of them are very blurry. The last image in black is their only image which shows the number plate (i have scribbled over the letters) but it is completely black and still does not show the vehicle in the box junction. It looks like it may have been taken by another camera, but I cannot be 100% sure. I have requested the video evidence, but I keep getting error messages online. I wanted to know if I even have any grounds for appeal? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks Tam camera.PDF
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