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Found 7 results

  1. The Issue One of the neighbouring offices at my place of work has recently added an EE signal booster box to their office, which effectively acts as a 3G mast which then routes all calls though their internet connection. You can't opt in or opt out to this like on Vodafone or other networks, if someone has one on EE, your EE phone will simply use that connection when in range. I used to get a moderate 4G signal in my office without any call quality issues, but now my phone has a full 3G signal instead. Their internet connection is terrible and my mobile internet often cuts off and calls drop off frequently. Ofcom I've done a bit of research regarding these boosters, and have found that 3G booster boxes are only legal for consumers if provided by a service provider such as EE, as long as they don't cause interference to other people / customers. My complaint with EE I called up a few times, and was told that there is nothing I can do about it, apart from turn on WiFi calling. I can't use WiFi at work. Eventually after speaking to the cancellations department, I got through to someone who seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me. He said I can't cancel without paying the rest of my contract. I quoted the Ofcom document I found, he literally read half of it while I was on the phone to him. We ended the call with him saying he would find out more information. The next day, he calls and says he's spoken to lots of people internally but as it's a brand new issue they've never faced, they went away to look into it more. Eventually coming back with that there is nothing I can do, and nothing they can do about it. They did suggest I speak to the people that have the signal booster, but there is literally around 20 offices that it could be. I suggested about proving me with a signal box but they said they wouldn't because that would cause interference (My phone cut out around 5 times while on the calls with EE due to this bloody signal box and WiFi calling) Possible resolution As my job requires me to be contactable at work, I got permission to use WiFi at work, and so I could use WiFi calling at work, the next time EE called, I told the guy this, and he agreed to end the complaint, and credited me with 1 month free. WiFi calling simply doesn't work I've made several calls at work, and with WiFi calling on, the line is dead on my side, but the other side's phone rings, and is also dead when picking up. I miss a lot of calls now where my phone just doesn't ring. Why I'm posting this I cannot use my mobile phone in the one place I use it the most which is in the office. I need to be contactable as often as possible. I feel like they are breaking the law by having providing a signal box which is causing interference to other devices. I feel that EE should have an opt out feature to allow my phone to avoid using other peoples signal boxes on bad internet connections, otherwise there is nothing stopping anyone from connecting a signal booster to a internet connection designed to drop out every few seconds. Am I overreacting or are EE breaking the law?
  2. I was living in a rented room in a property. One of the exterior walls of the house collapsed on 8th Feb 2016 leaving it unsafe and having to move out in 3 days. Because of the collapse and where scaffolding has been erected to make the house safe my car (which at the time was unmovable) has now been blocked in and there is no other exit or way of getting it out other than down the driveway. The car is a high value race car which and so an agreement was made in writing to have the car removed by 29th Feb 2016. The scaffolding is still there and agency has said the scaffolding now won’t be removed for quite a while. I have spoken to the MD of the agency I rented the room through and he has said he has to abide by insurance company and saying he can’t do anything. Is there anything else I can do? Do they HAVE to do something in order for the car to be removed? Is this illegal to withhold my property which I believe is effectively what they are doing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello, First off, I didn't realise that forums like this existed and have already found some great discussions! I am a relative newbie to all of this, so thanks in advance for the help/tips. I have been storing some belongings for a friend for several months now in my home. They have remained in bags in my living room and there are around 6-7 blacksacks of goods there. Due to unfortunate circumstances our friendship has ended, however I still have the items in my house. I am attempting to get the chap to come and collect the items, however he is being suprisingly unwilling to claim them. We only ever had a verbal agreement that he can store the items in my home, as friends would. I am in email contact with this guy (has no fixed address) and have provided him with an inventory of all the items he has left. I have come across the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 which appears helpful for this type of situation. However, there are clear rules within this tort that relate to getting rid of the items as long as there is no dispute. Now that there is a dispute I am slightly lost as to what to do. The house will be put up for sale ASAP and I expect to be gone within the next few months ... I do not what to spend any money on moving his gear with me and I wish to cut all ties with him. FYI there are a few of his belongings which are worth a considerable amount of money. He has advised that he does not want his items disposed of (naturally). Last week he said that he would not collect any of the items unless he also recieves 3 items which we had a shared interest in. I replied to this and advised that I am willing to relinquish any interest I have in the shared items and he can take them aswell (these cost me around £300, however I am happy to give them to him to get him out). Now he's come back again and said he will not collect any of the items as there are some missing from the inventory. I am confident that this is not true, and perhaps a hope to keep the items in my home free of charge (as he has no fixed address). He was never a lodger in my home and we had no formal agreement for storage of these items. It was simply a favour I offered him at the time. Please can anyone help with some guidance/advice on how I can handle this situation as the Tort stipulates the rules for selling/disposing of items only where there is no dispute. Many thanks
  4. Hi Guys I'm looking for a bit of advice and I hope someone out there will be able to help me. Here goes with my story: I moved into a rented Housing Association flat 3 years ago, the reason I moved there in the first place was because I was unfortunate to have been broken into in my previous flat so the housing association moved me. My previous Gas supplier for my old flat was Scottish Gas and I paid by direct debit, I filled in the online form to say I was moving and provided my new address etc. I received various communications saying my account was almost up and running etc. A few month had passed and I noticed my direct debit had stopped coming out my bank. I went back to Scottish Gas and this was the start of a long saga of going round the houses with various suppliers as to who supplies my flat. To be fair to Scottish Gas they where helpful and asked me for various pieces of information which I sent them, make model, serial number, I have even sent them pictures of the meter but to no avail. At one point I was told I had 2 meters registered, then I was told it was Southern Electric so tried them but they say its not them and so it continues. the last contact I had from Scottish Gas was in 2012 and I had to resend them pictures of my meter but still nothing came of it. Out of the blue in September I got a letter from Scottish Power addressed to "The Occupier" saying they wanted to do a meter inspection and if I didn't get back to them within seven days they would gain entry to my property. I received the letter on a Friday after work and was going on holiday on the Monday for 2 weeks so would be out of the country. I emailed them to say I wouldn't be here and that I had been dealing previous with Scottish Gas and sent them on the emails and pictures that I had previously sent to Scottish Gas so they could see the communication trail. I was told to contact them when I came back to arrange a date. When I got back phoned to make my appointment only to be told I'm not with Scottish Gas and my supplier was N Power even thought they sent me a letter argh.. After looking online I found a number to call about who my gas supplier was and phoned it to be told it was indeed Scottish Power and they gave me my meter reference point number. Back I went to Scottish Power who now said they were my supplier, finally I thought thank god I'm getting somewhere. I arranged a meter inspection thinking this will solve all my problems and I might some day receive a bill but sadly not, nobody turned up on the day of the inspection which was a Saturday between 8 - 12. I got back in contact again to let them know nobody turned up. I work in the TV industry so its not easy for me to get time off work. I arranged a second appointment again on a Saturday between 8 - 12 and again nobody turned up. I chased again for another appointment, which was yesterday and eventually someone did turn up. The guy was in my flat about couple of mins max, and said the meter I have in my flat is not the one they have on record of what I'm supposed to have, he called and gave someone the number and said he would wait in his van and come and let me know when they call him back. He came back in a couple of mins later and said I am meant to have a pre payment meter but its OK Scottish Power and going to take this on and fit me a new meter and I'll get a letter as they when they are going to come and fit this. He said someone must have got it swapped at some point over the years. Great I though finally getting somewhere. Today I got a letter in the post from Scottish Power and opened it thinking this must be my letter about me getting a new meter. When I opened it I noticed it wasn't actually addressed to me but someone else I'm presuming a previous tenant. Its a bill for the inspection of £244.10 "The enclosed bill is issued in connection with our visit on 20/12/13 when we remedied the irregularity which we found. You should already be aware of the circumstances, but a brief description of what I am referring to is given in the footnote - footnote says "METER INTERFERENCE" "We could have disconnected your supply as a result of what we have found, but decided against doing so on this occasion." "However, we will be carrying out a check on the condition of the metering and associated equipment at a future date and if we find that it has been tampered with the supply with be disconnected. This will be done irrespective of your circumstances and any inconvenience which might result" The bill reads: Cost associated with inspection carried out on 20/12/13 Total Cost £244.10 Balance added to account £244.10 this advise is for cost incurred only The gas charges will be considered later and a bill will be issued if appropriate. Help where do I start with all this? I've never touched the meter it was already there when I moved in, I've got a dry meter but from what I gather from the inspection I should have a prepayment. Where do I stand with this? I'm not taking the blame for that meter and £244.10 for someone to come out for less than 5 mins is ridiculous considering they failed to turn up for 2 of the appointments. I've still got most of my emails to Scottish Gas with the pictures I sent them. Why would I have contact them if I had swapped the meter, makes no sense and I'm just really annoyed about it now. How would they work out how much I owe then for my gas supply if they have a record of my flat having a different type of meter. the account they have added the inspection fee to isn't even mine as I've never had an account with them as yet. Its so infuriating, I've never been so keen to pay any bill in my life and finally thought I was getting someone where. Any help much appreciated.
  5. hi guys i have posted threads on here before and have been given some good advice so thought id try for some opinions on this issue. ill try and put as much info as i can so sorry if i go on a bit. I have recently been on part time hours at work due to depression from the tragic death of our 4 year old son. Landlord knows about this as it was all over the news and he laid flowers at our door. We have been living here for 18 months and to be fair to landlord in the first 6 months we weren't always on time with the rent and he would turn up unannounced on many occasions asking why it was late. So since last november we have been on time every month until this november when we were 3 days late. He turned up and quietly put our notice through the door. We need to be out by 9th feb. Our rent was due on 10th but we are 225 in arrears at the moment until housing benefit clears. Today out of the blue a gas man turns up to check the boiler. I txt landlord saying arent we supposed to have 24hrs notice if anyone is going to turn up? His reply was. "Arent you supposed to pay the rent on time tell him to come back later if its not convenient". As i said earlier he has turned up out of the blue on many occasions once being very rude and aggressive to me infront of my kids! All because i went to his house as i couldnt get in touch with him on his phone when the boiler broke down. He was in america and didnt take his phone with him so his daughter had to sort a plumber out for us. As soon as he got back from his holiday he was banging the door (without notice obviously). "how dare you involve my family if there is any issues you deal with me and only me leave my family out of it." So today is the final straw for me and as you can imagine i have had enough of this rude heartless landlord and im at the point of saying stuff you and not giving him anymore rent and tell him to keep the deposit. Any thoughts, advice or ideas? Thanks in advanc
  6. hi , i am new user here and i dont know the forum very well so please i need help about Tort Notice act 1977 ( interference with goods) my land landord issue me on 8th of feb 2013 , i have a shop and i have unpaid rent on 6th of feb 2013 my landlord send an agent while my shop was close because we open at 11 am , they came and change locks and every thing when we went for opening a shop lock was changed with out any notice or any thing i dont know can he do that by law ?? and i havent received my tort notice yet i recived an email from my landlord attaching solictors letter telling me that tort notice is issued and i will have it in couple of days . and one more thing when i asked the agent number mentioned on my shop window that r you bailef and he said no i am not .. and can some please help me with this because its mentioned in that letter that my landord used peaceable re entry does it called in law peaceable re entry into the premises while i was not there not even police or does he can enter my premises with out notice and he advising me to remove the stock except machine untill its finish who is going to liable about my lost the food is going to expire and every thing please help me out i would be very great full to you as you know if i go to solictors they are asking too much money for that and i dont have and what i can do that i can file a stay order and go back to my premises many thanks syed shah
  7. Just a quickie. My wife failed once again to qualify for AA. The reason cited by the DWP was because of the GP's report. As of yet we are undecided as if she wants to appeal, or put in another fresh claim in 6 months time. She cannot cope with appeals. Unfortunately, it seems that the report was completed by another GP in the practice who failed to notice the reports that had been received from the consultant that clearly indicated substantial needs day and night. I asked the GP for a copy of the report that was sent. That was last Tuesday. On Friday, I had another load of excuses as to why they had not been able to print it off - so I told them that I would be back in an hour. Before that hour was up the surgery telephoned to say that it would be towards the end of next week before it could be printed off. The next thing my wife had was a telephone call from the DWP, who let slip that the GP had been attemting to discuss my wife's claim with them without my wife's knowledge or permission. We put a stop to that as no one had permission to discuss anything with anybody. Is it normal or acceptable for a GP to try and interfere with a claim that had been sent in? If so on what grounds? Even I am not allowed to discuss my wife's claim with them without her express permission. I shall now wait until late next week to collect the copy medical report just to see exactly was put on it. Then I have advised my wife to raise an official complaint with the Health Authority as to the GP's actions. Then take it from there.
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