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  1. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they are the official distributor for the UK. I wonder if it's worth contacting Audeze directly so they could hopefully authorize Scan to do a repair/replacement. Or I could ask for an open box replacement that could be tested before they ship it out, but then I do not know if the product has 6 months of warranty instead of 36...
  2. Driver = headphone speaker. I understood all and I do not expect to get a refund bigger than the amount I've paid, but the product states that it's covered by full manufacturers warranty - I interpret this as following the official manufacturer's warranty terms & conditions, which are pretty much this - audeze.zendesk.com/entries/21334962-How-long-is-my-Warranty-for-What-does-it-cover- So, my concern is that this issue would have been treated differently if this was the last open box that they've sold. They would not have any other open boxes to replace with - they would follow t
  3. I've asked for a legal document that states the opposite and I've got this: Not sure if I'm stupid or they are.
  4. Hello, I've purchased this product https://www.scan.co.uk/products/audeze-el-8-closed-back-planar-magnetic-headphones-(open-box) after receiving it one of the first things I found was that one of the drivers does not work and there were scratches on the product. I've contacted them straight away and they've told me that they want to replace the product with another opened box, but I believe this will not be in accordance to the "full manufacturers warranty" and a reasonable outcome would be a repaired product or a new replacement product. I've written them a fair
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