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  1. Thanks. It was worth a try. I would have been happy with a sincere apology from them really but they don't even have the decency to do that. **** that lot of them
  2. that's what I am asking. even though they may pay the £500 in the next few days. The date it should have been paid by was 11/02/16. So I have charged them a late payment fee which they have said in writing they will not pay. So can I take them to the small claims court for the late payment fee? I am not really bothered about the money. I just want them to have a small part of the agro they gave me and if that means them having to attend court to defend it I will be happy with that. Even better if I won would be to send the bailiffs in
  3. I still have not received the £500 payment I sent Lowell an email stating that they are late in paying and that I have added a late payment charge to them of £200 plus interest. They replied by saying the below. In that case can I take them to the small claims court as they have put in writing they will not pay. As previously outlined, you will receive no further monetary value from the Lowell Group of Companies and any further contact in this respect will not receive a response, including any letters we may receive. Any action you may inst
  4. Would I be able to send a letter to Lowell stating that for everyday after the proposed cut off date by FOS that I will charge them £50 a day. is that enforceable? Thanks
  5. I am starting to regret accepting the FOS decision. I sent the acceptance form back on the 14Jan and I still have not had any contact from Lowell about payment and even worse they are still refusing to let the CRA remove the default that they have already agreed is not mine.
  6. I have accepted the £500 from the FSA/Lowell. I have now opened a new complaint with Co-op seeing as they sold my address to Lowell without carrying out any basic checks to see if I was indeed the original debtor. see where that takes me. I also have to see if I can get the CRA;s to remove any links to my addresses from any other persons of the same name. That is going to be very difficult as I have spent the last 7 years trying to sort it out and I am still getting letters about debts that are not mine but the DCA quote the CRA as the source of their information. Very tired
  7. Thanks Scarlet., My SC was granted with a review date as at the time they granted it I was in the process of cleaning up the mess that EGG had created by linking other peoples addresses and accounts to my CRA files. (and presume my genuine addresses to other peoples CRA files). The MOD accepted that the details on my CRA was incorrect so granted me SC with a review date. This is when my SC was suspended as I could not account for the default and could not supply details as it was not mine. Only when Lowell admitted in writing in the Jan 14 was I able to su
  8. I have just emailed FOS back to ask how they came to the figure of £500. I found the below on their website which is guidance for awarding compensation. http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/distress-and-inconvenience.htm
  9. Thanks. Its a shame I cant just get comp for them being so rubbish at what they do. its the mental impact I cant quantify.
  10. Thanks. there is no deterrent at all for these low lives to stop impacting peoples lives in such a way. They simply do not care what damage they do. The CRAs are just as bad. The issues all started in 2009 when EGG linked my addresses to someone of the same name. since then I have had many letters demanding money for debts that are not mine. Lowell is the only one though that took it to a default and CCJ, The rest just keep sending letters and ringing me. The real problem now is not with my file (apart from the incorrect default) it is with the other p
  11. I have been in dispute with Lowell for a long time now regarding a default on my CRA files that is not mine and has been proven by the FOS not to be mine I received the final decision (below) from the adjudicator but still feel that it is not enough and really want Lowell to pay for what they have done. £500 seems a small amount. I just wished I was in US as a woman their sued one for $83 million and won for the same thing. Should I accept it? ------------------------------------------------------- final decision complaint by: complaint about: Lowell Fina
  12. You do not understand how lucky you are for them to remove the defaults. I have been battling for years to get mine removed and they are not even my debts
  13. Thanks. Sent to watchdog. I really want to hammer Lowlife for this but do not have the finances to back it up. it is also very difficult to prove what losses I have incurred from this happening. it has affected my mental health as the whole thing has really got me down now. My partner has had to bear the credit for both of us and I have felt helpless to get this sorted once and for all. I have even contemplated changing my name I have been that desperate, I also want the CRA done for this as they have been next to useless. The fact that they actually charge you for a service tha
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