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  1. Guess Bigmac versus was one of the unlucky ones, from what I'm gathering. He should be fine. Fingers cross!
  2. Wow, op from 22nd June 2013! Please do keep us posted on this
  3. Hi, and what has happened at court so far if you don't mind me asking?
  4. any updates? I have been messaging someone from another forum who have gone through the exact same thing. They had a loan of 30k completed. With an outstanding balance of 15k of charges/fees. They made it clear in writing they did not agree and will take the further matter if necessary. It has now been nearly 12 months and they have heard nothing back! No phonecalls, no letters no emails.
  5. Thank you dx. I hope I haven't damaged my case too much. I just have no idea what I'm doing. But yes I will follow the advice you guys have given me. Thanks again and I will update you guys later.
  6. Hi dx100uk. didn't get an answer so thought I give FOS a go. I complained how the fees were unfair and the charges were unclear to me. I will send over tonight their response with their redress figure.
  7. Found this from Moneysavingexpert.com forum (May 2011) 'Similar thing happended to my mum. We ended up getting a eviction notice, but mum had been to the CAB, whom inturn got her some legal eagel to go over all the paperwork with a finetooth comb. Turns out Blamain had been very naughty, added loads of charges etc that they weren't allowed to, and the loan got thrown out in court (think she owed around £60,000, all from an original loan of £10,000) They were also made to repay her around £7,000. It was about 10 years ago, and I was only 18ish so don't know the in
  8. Blemain finance, now known as Together. I haven't sent a SARS, is that the same as all the breakdown figures they have given me?
  9. No, I wasn't told anything about the building insurance at the time. They told me to send it in recently, and I have, but are still standing by their fee. Going through my complaint they have offered me a redress fee of £572.87. They are saying these are for payments made to my account within the same calendar month, but where a charge had been applied and to credit any arrears charges that have been applied more than once in the calendar month. Others are incorrect administrative fees. I still think its abysmal that after my 20k loan finishes. I will still have a balance of 5k!
  10. Can anyone shed a light to this please. I have now had my reply from the ombudsman, and like many have said. It will be a waste of time, which it was. So where do I go from here and who do I turn too now? Any help would be great.
  11. Just don't give up! Try other forums, keep searching on the web. Don't give in. Like you said, they shouldn't be getting away with it!
  12. As I'm nearing to my last year of my loan. I just thought I take a closer look at my statement this month. OH MY WORD! I took out a £20k, 108 month secured loan on my property in Oct 2007. Up to now, I am up to date. From 2007-2011, on 4 occasions I made late payments. Some arranging from 4days-2 weeks late. From Feb-Dec 2012 I lost my job, and fell into arrears. But within that period, I managed to make 4 payments which covered 4 months. And because I was able to find a new job, in December I paid off the remaining arrears. Since then, I
  13. Any updates? I'm into my last year of my 108 month loan. I was in arrears for 1-2 months maybe max 3 years ago, but have been uptodate ever since. And just looking at my balance (which I've never really done) I am oweing 4k in fees!!!
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