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  1. First of all, sorry for the lateness of this reply, I have had a hectic weekend with no free time and was 90 miles from home. Secondly, thank you so much for this help. And thirdly, I had written out this whole post, clicked send and the 'ticket had expire' Dear sir/madam, I recently receive a letter from ARC Europe ltd, saying I had an outstanding balance of £202.40 of my LA Fitness membership. Earlier in the year I signed with LA Fitness because of two reason: 1, how close it was to my university house. 2, because your representative told me that if I moved over 10 miles fro
  2. Hi slick, The closest LA fitness to me is 10.6 miles, but that's around a large body of water. As the crow flies it's a lot less. When I first called up to cancel the lady told me that there was a gym closer than 10 miles to me.
  3. The T&C's say that I have to be 10 miles from 'any LA Fitness', but that's not what the reason with me wanting to cancel though, it's because it was putting me into negative money, into my overdraft (which I thought was illegal for gyms to do?)
  4. Hi slick, The way I cancelled was stupid, and was technically against the contract, but I felt like I had no choice, they wouldn't accept my cancellation or my bank statement proving that it was putting me into negative money. The terms and condition state that I can cancel if 'I'm suffering severe financial hardship' by calling, I did that and they refused.
  5. Funny that the start of Scumhampton is starred in this, but not in the email. A big problem is that I deleted my email correspondence between myself and the gym, thinking the matter was done.. I can get definite answers later as my gym buddy will let me know. I called a few times and emailed with a bank statement which they refused to accept. What should I do?
  6. Hi, during 2015 I was at University at Brighton and decided to get a gym membership. I went to a few gyms checking prices and commitments and when I went to LA Fitness the guy that eventually signed me up (obviously trying to make a sale) lied to me, he stated that if I moved out of Brighton (which I obviously would do, as Uni does end) that it'd be fine and my account could be closed no hassle. He stated that all I had to do was be 8 miles from THAT PARTICULAR gym. Well I moved back home to Southampton, and went to cancel my membership stating that "yes, I had moved over 8 miles from the
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