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  1. I ordered a Vodafone SIM only deal on 02 Oct and when it arrived there was no documentation with the SIM other than printed on the back of the sim holede "vodafone.co.uk/getstarted. I could not log into MYVODAFONE. As such on Friday 07 Oct I called for help. I made a telephone from my current supplier (not Vodafone) I spoke with a really confused and extremely unhelpful person in an Indian call centre. This lady stated that she had sent me THREE account name changes and then the I could not possibly have received any texts (despite receiving them on my current supplier number) and corresponding three emails saying "We have changed your user name...." but not actually saying what the new user name actually was. Going forward she called me a liar stating that I could not have possibly received such. Amazingly she then asked me to take my current supplier SIM out of my handset and replace it with the Vodafone one whilst actually making the call. Seriously? - I gave up. I then tried again this morning, with my Vodafone SIM installed called 191 and spoke with a UK customer service agent who repeatedly spoke over the top of me, placed me on hold for extended periods without any warning repeated that there was "No problem" despite me repeatedly stating that I could not log into my online account, that no updated information was sent about my username that I objected to being talked over the top of. The agent then started to raise his voice to me. I asked for a supervisor. I was then told that he had actually not completed the security check and we had to go over one final part. That we did. Now I do not like being addressed by my first name on business communications, I prefer being addressed as Mr ........... which is professional courtesy as they are neither friends or family. Once transferred to a chap called Neil I was asked is this (my first name). I asked to be addressed as Mr.......... I explained I was not happy and that nobody has helped. I complained about the unprofessional and rude abuse from his colleague who was laughing at me becoming upset. He said he had been listening and that his colleagues rude, unprofessional and aggressive approach was perfectly acceptable. I then asked if he had been listening for a while and he confirmed this. As such Neil, the Senior Advisor, knew not to address me with my first name. Clearly he and his colleague were just bored and looking for a laugh on a Sunday morning with no interest in assisting customers or resolving issues. I then decided that as this was consistently abusive and completely useless assistance from ALL at Vodafone who I had sought assistance from to cancel the contract and was put through to a lady called Key in account closures. She was just as bad stating that there was no way agents would act like this and berated me for alleging such. I cancelled the contract. I called the Vodafone complaints team on 08080 044 900 and spoke with Ash in Cairo, Egypt. I explained from the beginning I preferred to be addressed as Mr........ and he stated "Do not give me attitude" - amazing. He spent ages telling me how he had been in post for years and knew his job. I confirmed he had taken me through security and was logged into my account. He confirmed this - acknowledge given that an audit trail was now in place. He started to argue with me that as I had cancelled my contract he was not interested in complaint handling this call. That it was not possible to challenge Vodafone by any process, including the sending of a deadlock letter to me and that I have no right to take the matter to the Ombudsman. This was because despite having a contract with Vodafone now that I had cancelled then called the Complaints team that they were not interested and would do nothing. He also raised his voice, repeatedly, talked over the top of me and denied that he had not properly taken me through security. So in essence Vodafone are happy to abuse customers, support abusive and unprofessional conduct, fail to accept complaints, stonewall and berate anyone who dare complain and fail to process any legitimate complaint. I confirmed that I would contact the Chief Executives office, which I shall do today, and the response was that it would not matter as they really do not care. Avoid this shockingly incompetent abusive company. Another company that has become way to big and staff think they can get away with abusing their customers repeatedly and that nothing can be done to abusive staff.
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