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  1. yes i was told i had a very good case, the evidence i had of the car being sold as virtually perfect was pretty solid. i would have taken it to court, i was livid at the fact he didnt act as he should and take the car back for repair and not usually one to let these things go, but with 3 kids i just need to be back on the road and this seemed the best i could expect out of the situation.
  2. yes unfortunately. im still fairly angry at the dealer. im usually one to take things right to the top if i have too, but having spoke to the consumer advice line, they recommended that i take the 600 as well. the dealer did actually say at one point that had he have known he would have auctioned it, suppose we will never know whether he was truely aware as he claimed he took it in part exchange 2 days before i purchased it. oddjobbob, quick question. so had i have taken him to court and won, would i have had to still rely on him paying up? i had some idea they deducted it from his
  3. hi there everyone thanks for your replies. well the problem was a very serious crack in the bottom block inside the bore. it used nearly 10 litres of oil in 2 weeks, it was that bad and became completely undriveable. it was full of piston sealant when it was stripped down, someone knew the problem was there. had it been head gasket, clutch etc, the dealer wouldnt have heard from me but the engine was deemed scrap and i simply couldnt afford the repair bill or to loose the 1300 i had saved to buy the car. i understand fully what your saying oddjobbob, this has been my worry. that it
  4. Hi there everyone! This is my first post so apologies if its in the wrong place. I brought a car at the begining of july, 8 weeks on and its developed a very serious fault that requires the car has a new engine. we have priced the engine at 600-700 then whatever the labour will be to fit it. having discussed the matter with the garage they have said they will offer me 500 pound back towards the cost and i do it myself. the car was purchased for 1300. i can fit it, i have someone that will do it for me but should the dealer be sorting this? Do i accept his offer and put the rest
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