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  1. But should I email or write to them? I did not use his work. His work was nothing I asked for. Wouldn't it be better to prevent them issuing a claim? If they issue a claim, will I be notified?
  2. Hi guys! I received a letter today from Redwood with demand for an outstanding invoice. The problem is that the invoice was in respect of copy writing and web design, which I did not use due to unsatisfactory quality. The coding was wrong, the wording was wrong, everything. After numerous emails, I've decided to cut my loses and instructed another professional to do the job. This time everything was okay, I have a new website now and settled the bill with service provider. I have all correspondence and proof that I did pay for the web development to ano
  3. Okay. I'll try to forget about it for now. Thank you to everyone. ( you need to add smiley with bunch of flowers.)
  4. Regarding land owners is confusing as Ericbrother is advising not to write anything until I get another letter from LPS. Or he meant not to the associates of LPS only and land owners are fine? Also I am not sure if to ask for picture now or should I leave it until later. Could it be requested on later date? I know I was very stupid on this one. Schoolboy error.
  5. Thank you Honeybee for the kind words. I made a decision and will not send them anything (no money, no more letters/emails). And I do not expect Silverfox, Ericbrother, Armadillo or any other user to reply to me straight away. I really appreciate that they are replying anyway and explaining case from legal point of view. Although I've decided not to pay, I will feel more confident, if I merely verify some points, at least in my own head for now.
  6. I obtained the copy from the Land Registry regarding the owners. There are 3 owners of the land. Do you think I should write to all 3? Could you also specify what you mean about them not following the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012? Is this because they found my details from DVAL? I never received ticket, otherwise I would off run to the solicitor there and then. Only a letter by post, postdated too. Also I am surprise that court fee is only £25.00 and solicitor fee is very low too. I just think it it will go to court and I loose, I will be liable to pay much more.
  7. Silverfox, you can post email without personal details. I do not mind. The solicitor dictated his email to LPS in my presence, but I doubt it he will sent it to me now. He also does not want to spoil his relationship with the owner and his agent. The certificate only confirms that I was there on that date and he certified my client's doc.
  8. Guys, I open this thread on Monday. I received a letter from UCS (DEBT COLLECTOR?) on Saturday and telephoned LPS and IAS on Monday, prior to posting in here. Since then I did not write or call them, but I received an email from IAS and acknowledgement email from LPS. Please do not doubt my every word. I have no attention to mislead you, it just certain things did happen after I first posted, but I did not write a word to LPS and did not communicate with them in any manner. I think you are right, they know that their case is weak. Bec
  9. okay. I'll check spam folder, but I am sure he never c/c me his email, just c/c their reply.
  10. Thank you, Silverfox. This is what I wanted to hear. I already made a few mistakes by writing to them in the first place. I agree I have to take a few steps back and keep all information and suggestions kindly posted by other users in mind until I will be taken to court. Hopefully, it would not come to it.
  11. Sorry. I did not mean to frustrate you so much. The solicitor did not c/c his email to the operator to me, by c/c their automatic reply. Do you want me to send you those emails? I cannot post it online, but can email them to you. I do not lie.
  12. It's exactly how I feel about this matter, but if you were acting in professional capacity and I knew about your charges, so by sending me an invoice you will be within your rights, no? The rest is spot on. I've decided to pay initial fee because I am sure now that my solicitor will not get involved or confirm anything.
  13. The business[solicitor/notary], who I visited gave me permission to park and even wrote an email to the operator stating that I am "their associate and he ask them to be sympathetic". Unfortunately I do not have a copy of his email and now suspect that he will not defend me. Because when I saw him on February, 10th he told me to pay £160.00 . He said that he made a mistake by allowing me to park there and now the situation is a bit awkward, as he has some business with somebody called S. , because then he went on that S. told him that London Parking Solutions his associates and now it
  14. whose signature? sorry, but I am not sure what you are referring to
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