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  1. Do you have to show write down savings on application for contribution based JSA( I know it doesn't affect getting it), but curious. Also, is oine of those letters similar to the housing benefit's green letter come through post? If you live in a shared house people you live with will then know. Also, how people know who is on benefits-e.g. how would you know if your neighbour was on them?
  2. That long after? How do they monitor all these bank account transactions and the balances? I thought they needed permission to go snooping around
  3. Yeah that's what I said, even if he closes that debit card account and opens a new one in another bank they might still find this transaction through using the credit check companies and then the etrade account.
  4. A friend transferred some money out of his bank account to an etrade account as he thinks he will lose his job in a couple of months, and wanted less than £6,000 in the account, but worries that housing benefit and DWP will do data matching or go into his accounts and see the transaction and then look into the etrade account (which isn't trading at the moment). Will they notice the money being sent out, do they monitor transactions three months before and do data matching? Does the DWP employ credit reference agencies who pick up on these transactions and etrade accounts? He's thinking of closing this bank account and opening another one in another bank. To stop this transaction being fund for £6,000 out of account. Obviously, he will get contribution based benefits after working for four years.
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