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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, please could anybody experienced in conveyancing help me recognise a secondary charge on a Mortgage please ignore if I upload the document ? I’m unsure whether this is an admin charge or additional lending. Many Thanks in advance
  2. I put my house on the market at the beginning of December 2016. Last week I received an offer from a prospective buyer that I accepted. Lovely I thought so I rapidly contacted a company of solicitors in Stockport to appoint them for conveyancing. The paperwork from the solicitors arrived here this morning and lists all the things I must provide for the conveyancing to progress. However, the paperwork insists that I must provide photo ID either by photo driving licence or passport. I don't have a driving licence or a passport so I am unable to provide photo ID. Does this mean that I can't sell my house or is there some other way around this issue? I don't want to apply for a passport as I never travel and I don't want to start taking driving lessons to obtain a driving licence that I don't want or need.
  3. Hi all not been on here for many years but i hope im asking in the right forum, if not please move Ive got a DMP had it for several years slowly steadily paying my debts off . The thing is my dad owns a few houses and to offset any inheritance tax he's thinking of putting a house in my name, now if he does and i sell the house ill have x amount in my bank and if my creditors see it they will want or even might want their share. I want to put the money into a project that will earn more money which means i can pay my creditors off when it suits me Now my question is: can i put my dads or someone elses bank details on the conveyancing form so the money will not go into my own bank account? Or is it a legal requirement that the house owner has to put their own bank details for any monies to be paid into? thanks
  4. Hi, my mum is buying a property (effectively in cash) using money from family members. large bulk of money has been transferred from her cousin who is 89 yrs old. Countrywide have had the building society account book to show her savings but then they said it wasn't old enough and needed to go back a few years and we've done this. then they said they wanted a letter stating the income and job of the cousin from when she started working as well as an account of her lifestyle to prove how she's accumulated her savings and we provided this but now this isn't good enough either, they now want details of the earnings of her dead husband (who died last year at aged 97)! We understand about the money laundering aspect but this is becoming increasingly ridiculous - even the tax man doesn't keep records going back that far! We've said we'll change solicitors but then countrywide sayif we do that we just have to start from scratch and we're supposed to be completing on 12th December. Bank statements from other members of the family have been accepted. has anyone got any advice, thanks. the sum involved from the cousin is £130,000 and will be a short term loan.
  5. In June 2014 we accepted a RTB offer and instructed solicitors. We received a mortgage offer from our bank for £8,000 over the purchase price. The LA's solicitors requested a full explanation of why we were getting more on mortgage than purchase price and we supplied a complete list of works. The bank's valuation is £140,000 more than the purchase price. We have had to request two extensions to our mortgage offer costing us extra. Our solicitors have not been able to get a reply from LA's solicitors as to when we can complete and our third mortgage offer expires at the end of December. What can be done to get the LA/solicitors to speed things up?
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