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Found 12 results

  1. Rich was attacked and had his head stamped on by 2 kids. They threatened him on the bus the day before and he saw them the next day on the bus. He not thinking straight and took the bus ID off one of the kids and whilst doing so got him in a headlock. The Police said this was assault and theft. The kids chased him down and called friends to join in. They stamped on his head and punched and kicked him to the ground. He had grit in his head and he had a seizure. The police has said he needs to write a letter of apology to the kid he took the bus pass off.
  2. There is this bunch of local kids around the ages of 6-7 years, definitely not more than 8 years playing very very noisy football right next to our house. All sorts of swearwords flying around between themselves as they play and they kicking the football into big metal garage doors (they use that as the goal). It is a huge bang at every 'goal' (every minute) and they do this for about 2 hours on most evenings from 7pm till 9pm and on weekends in good weather also on bank holidays and any other school holiday times when they go on for even 5 or 6 hours. It is insane! The position of our h
  3. One for the (Scottish ) legal eagles. Man & wife divorce and £750 put into their childs savings account. When it was set up, both parents had to administer the account. One parent has just discovered the other has systematically emptied the kids account over a six month period without prior consent or knowledge of the other parent. Police say it's not theft or mis appropriation of funds. Bank says T&C's were changed and this allowed one parent to administer the kids account. Other parent swears blind they were never notified of this change by the bank or wo
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452689-Children-s-charity-bosses-praise-town-hall-over-decision-to-stop-bailiffs-calling-on-families-with-kids-at-home-Manche For the full story http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/childrens-charity-bosses-praise-town-10110772
  5. I have 3 kids, all away at university although they return here during the holidays and still class this as their home address. Are any of them classed as still being dependents for benefits purposes? They are 24, 21 and 18.
  6. Hi i was told to come here by a relative for some advice, im sorry my first post is requesting help. Ive recently recieved an eviction notice from the court. on the house ive lived in for the past 4 years, it states we are being evicted due to a breach of my tenancy agreement. i phoned my letting agent up and asked him why i was being evicted. to which they replied i breached it by decorating the front room, and there was some steel drainpipes on my drive (6) as i did not have the means to take them away at the time as they were left by a friend. Also another thing they have stated
  7. Hello, A week ago some local kids damaged my car by throwing stones in it. I have few scratches on both of the doors and the roof. When i first heard a stone hitting my car i reprimanded those kids and told them to stop it. They totally ignored me. I also have a witness who saw it. I talked their mother, of course at the beginning she was denying that they were her kids but then she admitted it. Police came over and she admitted her kids caused damage to my car and she agreed to pay it once I get written estimate to repair the scratches they caused. I've been quoted around £500 to get it
  8. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out in this situation. I jointly own a home with my wife but last week she just left. A few days later she text me saying she needed some space. There was no row or anything like that and she just went. I have a full time job and it's the school holidays so can't go into work as I have the kids. They are all under 6 years old. I haven't spoke to work yet as I don't know what to say. Should I go and get a sick note off my doctor... Would he give me one for stress in this situation. I have been pretty hands
  9. Apple is set to pay out around £66m ($100m) to settle a US lawsuit which claims children were improperly charged while playing iPad and iPhone games. It is alleged that poor safeguards meant kids were easily able to buy extra features for the free games without their parents' knowledge or permission.
  10. Oops I bet he doesn't play with fireworks again.
  11. im writing this on behalf of a friend ive known for years, she has been so stupid its unreal. she was a single parent claiming benefits for housing, council tax, and tax credits. in mid 2010 her partner moved in with her but she didnt inform the benefits agency of her change in circumstances until early this year. making it at least 18 months of benefits over payments she received, totaling up to anywhere between £14000-£16000. from what i can understand she thinks she is being investigated, her partner moved all of his possessions into her house in 2010 and used to travel 40+ miles each day
  12. Not sure if this is the right place for this as it's a health and safety issue really. I'm in a shared ownership scheme with a housing association in Scotland. Next to the block of flats is a parking area with a building cage. There's a grassy area and a walkway to some other housing association properties which are being renovated. The building cage has two corrugated metal containers in it. They've been there for about a month. They don't fill it. The houses opposite the grassy areas have had scaffolding up for about 3 weeks. The only thing stopping kids from climbing up this scaff
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