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Found 12 results

  1. Rich was attacked and had his head stamped on by 2 kids. They threatened him on the bus the day before and he saw them the next day on the bus. He not thinking straight and took the bus ID off one of the kids and whilst doing so got him in a headlock. The Police said this was assault and theft. The kids chased him down and called friends to join in. They stamped on his head and punched and kicked him to the ground. He had grit in his head and he had a seizure. The police has said he needs to write a letter of apology to the kid he took the bus pass off. He was part of the group and was bragging about it on FB and the local paper picked up the story. These kids will have to do community service. A more detailed version is below. I don't feel he should write a letter of apology and I think these kids should have something on their record saying they hunted down a disabled man who couldn't walk and stamped on his head. Monday 26th at 6pm Richard phoned me at work to say he was threaten and is worried and didn't know what to do. He said 2 girls and 2 boys were there and they had kicked his sandwich and put their feet on his seat. There was one behind him and one in front of him. One of them stared at him and said he was going to cut him, "I will kill you" "I'll cut you from here to here" "I'm gonna stab you". They kicked his seat and were threatening. He said he stared back as he was worried they would attack him if he turned away. He said he had just come out of hospital and isn't well. He heard another passenger say leave him alone he isn't well. He said he told them it is on CCTV. But they didn't care. He got off the bus at Stanmer Villas which is a stop earlier than he normally gets off as he didn't want them following him to his 4 year old daughters school. I contacted the Bus company who advised me to contact the Police which I did. They call me back the next day crime reference 47170090324. They advised they would take a look at CCTV. Tuesday 27th. Richard was with me till 1pm at Portland Road Hove. I had to take my son to Water Babies so he left. I got a call from Richards wife to say Richard was missing and something had happened on the bus. I immediately drove to Hollingdean phoning the Police on the way. My girlfriend contacted the Bus company. I arrived at Surestart and heard kids laughing about an ambulance in Roedale Road and "it was kicking off". Then my girlfriend called me to say he had been found in Roedale Road. I drove down and saw Richard in an ambulance he was having a seizure and was unable to control his movements. Due to the Huntingtons Disease, stress exacerbates the condition. Richards movements are usually unstable but under stress he can't control his movements. Please speak to the officers who dealt with him and escorted us to the hospital. They will confirm this. Richard told me he had seen the boys who verbally assaulted him and tried to get off the bus. He saw one had a bus pass and made a grab for it for ID for the Police. He tried to run away and got to the Surestart Centre but accidentally went through a wrong door and ended up outside. He ran away but three of them saw him and chased him. He tried to barricade himself behind a gate in someones garden. But they caught him. He said he remembers being punched and kicked and they were laughing calling other people on their phones. Then he can't remember anything until the hospital. My Mum was attacked in a park as people thought she was drunk ( she had Huntingtons ) my other brother Andrew was attacked in BP Petrol Station, he also went back in after being attacked to get the Taxi drivers ID badge who attacked him so the Police could identify him. I would be logical and think that is a risk and you would get ID from CCTV but Huntingtons affects how you think. Huntingtons is a horrible disease. My brother is worried about picking up his daughter and doesn't want to be scared to walk around. He isn't allowed to drive and buses are the only way he can get around. He doesn't claim any benefits and you can speak with the ladies at the Surestart Centre and his daughters school - he is a nicest person ever. Prob repeating myself but here is more information. Since this the kid said he was attacked by Rich. The Police said Rich took his bus pass and got him in a head lock before running away. This is considered theft and assault. He was part of the group that attacked him on the Monday but wasn't the actual one that threatened him. I tried to explain he was trying to identify them as the Police and bus company weren't interested. The police said he needs to come to the custody centre and be questioned. I went to the custody centre and police station and begged them to speak with the officers when he was attacked as it put him in a seizure and this wouldn't end well. They wouldn't take any notice and so we went to the custody centre. He got so anxious he couldn't stand and it took another two police officers to help hold him still. The senior officer said get a wheelchair he has to come in even though he couldn't walk or sit and was all over the place. It took another 2 people to hold him in the wheelchair and try and wheel him into the police custody. He fell out in the hallway and the Sargent said this is a custody centre he can't do this here (have a seizure) he said get him home or to a hospital. The officer helping called an ambulance.
  2. There is this bunch of local kids around the ages of 6-7 years, definitely not more than 8 years playing very very noisy football right next to our house. All sorts of swearwords flying around between themselves as they play and they kicking the football into big metal garage doors (they use that as the goal). It is a huge bang at every 'goal' (every minute) and they do this for about 2 hours on most evenings from 7pm till 9pm and on weekends in good weather also on bank holidays and any other school holiday times when they go on for even 5 or 6 hours. It is insane! The position of our house is on a corner where 2 streets meet and these metal garage doors are located at the end of our garden. The houses of other residents located past these garage doors and I guess that is enough distance for them not having to 'enjoy' the racket these boys make. As far as I'm aware kids of that age are not even supposed to be let out from home without adult supervision. Been in touch with police on the 101 phone number. First time 3 months ago they were very helpful, they asked a lot of details and came out in 1 hour to deal with the kids. The boys obviously tried to do a runner but I think the police did manage to speak to 1 or 2 of them.... The kids started coming here again a few weeks ago and now their numbers are growing (last night 6 of them) and in line with that the number of loud bangs we have to suffer grows too as well as the general kids' shouting noise. They play on the road and there are garage doors on either side of the road so they just kicking the football around right on the road and kicking it into these metal doors on either side. This is a quiet residential area with not much traffic - moreover there is a park 5 minutes from here! The football obviously often lands in our garden (at least 3 times a week) and they just climb up our fence from the street, sometimes by pulling to the fence an object they find nearby as people do flytip on this particular street corner and the kids just come into our garden to look for their football. The football also goes into other people's sheds that is next to these garages and those only got wooden doors with a padlock locking it down but with large enough gaps under and above. These belong to residents in other streets nearby. The kids do climb in there too to retrieve the ball and been causing more than a little damage to the some of these shed doors. Last night I got home from work at 8pm only to find that 1 of these boys is ramaging around in our garden whilst the other boy is sitting on the top of our fence giving him directions which way to look for the football. I've obviously told them off as this is not the first time nor the second. I've then called the police on 101 again. I got an answer from the officer that 'what exactly do you expect from the police to do about little boys playing football?' So not so helpful this time.... Tried to explain the case of trespassing and how much of a nuisance they are but the officer just shrugged me off and hung up. Have contacted my local council 3 months ago with this issue but they said it's not in their authority to act (I asked if they could put up here a No Ball Play Area sign) because it is a normal residential area and not a council housing. I know that reading this might sound like I'm just some grumpy, old hag who just doesn't like kids but that is totally not the case at all. In fact for a few weeks after the police talked to them, the kids only came here 1-2 times a week and did not kick the ball into the metal doors and that was absolutely fine. Just wondering that if this is not the council's authority to deal with and neither does the police care then where shall we turn to change the current situation? Social services....? By the way we did talk to these boys a lot before on a friendly way to convince them that it's not safe to play football on the road like this and please don't kick the metal doors with the ball but obviously they don't give a flying monkeys....They claim but it might as well just be a lie that their parents don't allow them to play football in the park because they don't think it's safe.... Park only 5mins walk from here!!!
  3. One for the (Scottish ) legal eagles. Man & wife divorce and £750 put into their childs savings account. When it was set up, both parents had to administer the account. One parent has just discovered the other has systematically emptied the kids account over a six month period without prior consent or knowledge of the other parent. Police say it's not theft or mis appropriation of funds. Bank says T&C's were changed and this allowed one parent to administer the kids account. Other parent swears blind they were never notified of this change by the bank or would have taken appropriate action at that time. ( I know my bank notifies me of changes but letters arrive by normal post---not rec del etc) 1. Despite this being a despicable thing to do, has any crime been committed? 2.How does kid get money back? 3. Does the bank have any responsibility for this dastardly situation??
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452689-Children-s-charity-bosses-praise-town-hall-over-decision-to-stop-bailiffs-calling-on-families-with-kids-at-home-Manche For the full story http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/childrens-charity-bosses-praise-town-10110772
  5. I have 3 kids, all away at university although they return here during the holidays and still class this as their home address. Are any of them classed as still being dependents for benefits purposes? They are 24, 21 and 18.
  6. Hi i was told to come here by a relative for some advice, im sorry my first post is requesting help. Ive recently recieved an eviction notice from the court. on the house ive lived in for the past 4 years, it states we are being evicted due to a breach of my tenancy agreement. i phoned my letting agent up and asked him why i was being evicted. to which they replied i breached it by decorating the front room, and there was some steel drainpipes on my drive (6) as i did not have the means to take them away at the time as they were left by a friend. Also another thing they have stated is there is damage to the front door. The front door is a UVPC door which has never closed properley since we moved in as it catches on the top part of the lock so you sort of have to slam it. however one of the times we had to slam it shut in the bad weather we had a few months ago one of the 2 panes(which are sandwiched) on the door smashed. it was the pane of glass that blocked people looking in so the only pane now is a clear one that looks right into the house. As for the decorating, i only decorated the front room due to the wall paper peeling and the fact i have 3 children and lived here 4 years so obviously its going to get damaged and scuffed. However every person who has visited my property has complimented how well done the decorating is and better than what was originally there. i believe the reason they are being like is is due to the fact most the houses on my culd-i-sac are rented and recently the value of the rentals has gone up however ours stayed the same, and i feel i'm being made a scape goat just so the owner and the agents can earn more cash. since living here ive paid for the boiler to be repaired twice myself, as every time i report a repair it gets ignored and i'm not having my kids going cold. i told them the conservatory leaks and i had to turn the power off in there as it trips the electrics. the front door isn't working properly(they ignored and then glass broke), the cooker which is built into the units doesn't work properly. the kitchen cupboards falling apart, split bath panel and also bath leaking into dining room , you can actually see the outline of my bath on the dining room ceiling. funny thing is in the garage since we moved in, has had a area boarded off with a padlocked door which only the owner of the house has access to, which contains tools and diy stuff, however all that stuff so close and they still dont do repairs. even tho i pay rent for the whole house and i act as a storage locker for the owners stuff. i dont now what to do. how long by law do i have to get out, and if that time passes and i havent got anywhere do i get an extension as i don't want to be on the streets with the kids. thank you for listening to my rant
  7. Hello, A week ago some local kids damaged my car by throwing stones in it. I have few scratches on both of the doors and the roof. When i first heard a stone hitting my car i reprimanded those kids and told them to stop it. They totally ignored me. I also have a witness who saw it. I talked their mother, of course at the beginning she was denying that they were her kids but then she admitted it. Police came over and she admitted her kids caused damage to my car and she agreed to pay it once I get written estimate to repair the scratches they caused. I've been quoted around £500 to get it done properly (painting both doors and the roof). I didn't expect her to pay £500 for few scratches so when i was at the garage i asked them if there was any other way to repair it. They told me they can polish those scratches and touch it up with paint and that's around £96 including VAT. Next day I provided her with written estimate and she agreed to pay on next Friday. Week after ( on Friday ) i knocked to her doors to get my money to cover the costs and she told me she can get it cheaper. Then she said she will bring her own solicitor to have a look at it. He came on Sunday (yesterday) to have a look at it. He wasn't even a solicitor but a man of her daughter. About half an hour after he inspected my car she sent me a txt saying she has been advised not to pay for the scratches and now she is denying to pay for the damaged. She also said that if i knock to her doors once again she will report me for harassment and intimidation, funny. It's not first time i have to deal with them because her kids already broke 5 windows in my house by throwing stones. What would be the best solution to get out of this situation and get money to cover the damage? I wanted to be nice for them as a neighbor and dont make them pay too much for the damage but i dont see why i would be so nice for them now. Also I dont want to do it through my car insurance company because I'll lose NCB. Thanks for advise Michael
  8. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out in this situation. I jointly own a home with my wife but last week she just left. A few days later she text me saying she needed some space. There was no row or anything like that and she just went. I have a full time job and it's the school holidays so can't go into work as I have the kids. They are all under 6 years old. I haven't spoke to work yet as I don't know what to say. Should I go and get a sick note off my doctor... Would he give me one for stress in this situation. I have been pretty hands on with the children since birth and always done the cooking, washing, cleaning, school runs, etc around work. My wife would just lay in bed all day and let the children trash the house. She became extremely cold with me and it was a daily battle to get her motivated to look after the children. She wouldn't get up with me in the mornings to help get them ready for school. I would worry all day at work that she wouldn't be caring for the children. My wife didn't have a job and when I was off or returned home from work she would disappear for hours saying she was going round a friends house. If she went out on a night out she would take drugs and I would find them in her handbag when she returned. This was frightening with the kids around. It was cocaine and she said she only did it when she went out. Now she's taken off and left me in the house I don't know what to do. I will become a full time dad and give up work but I am worried financially. I don't want her to all of a sudden 6 months later think it's her right to steal the children away from me. I don't mind letting her see the children but want her to be in sound mind and not on drugs. She gets the child benefit paid into her bank account but now she's gone that's rightfully my children's money. How can I go about changing this into my name and account.. Would it be better just to get her sister to ring pretending to be her and changing the bank details over... What would you recommend. My in-laws are being extremely supportive but I'm worried further down the line they may change their minds and force some sort of intervention or kidnapping off the children. I want my children full-time and to be the main sole parent if it comes to that. What steps should I take from here onwards... Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Apple is set to pay out around £66m ($100m) to settle a US lawsuit which claims children were improperly charged while playing iPad and iPhone games. It is alleged that poor safeguards meant kids were easily able to buy extra features for the free games without their parents' knowledge or permission. Court papers claim: "Apple failed to adequately disclose that third-party Game Apps, largely available for free and rated as containing content suitable for children, contained the ability to make In-App Purchases." The case dates back to 2010 and 2011, with Apple updating its software to put in more secure controls on in-game purchases from March 2011. It has now agreed to give a £3.30 ($5) credit to an estimated 23 million people who were affected. However, if parents can show they were charged more than £20 ($30) then cash refunds will be offered. The games that were downloaded were designed for children as young as four, claims the lawsuit - which was started by five parents. One of the parents, Garen Meguerian, says his young daughter spent several hundred dollars on "game currency" while playing "highly addictive" apps like Zombie Cafe and Treasure Story. Apple previously required a password to be entered for any download or purchase which was valid for 15 minutes without needing to be re-entered. The system changed in 2011 to make the password mandatory for every transaction, and to warn users that free games might contain the option to buy extra features. Some technology writers have said that parents should be more aware of the consequences of giving children access to their gadgets and passwords. Lawyers bringing the case also want Apple to pay their legal fees of £860,000 ($1.3m). The proposed settlement needs court approval and will go before judges on March 1. Apple has not yet commented on the case. http://news.sky.com/story/1057588/apple-to-pay-66m-over-kids-app-downloads So far this only applies to US consumers, but Apple are under pressure to compensate UK consumers too.
  10. im writing this on behalf of a friend ive known for years, she has been so stupid its unreal. she was a single parent claiming benefits for housing, council tax, and tax credits. in mid 2010 her partner moved in with her but she didnt inform the benefits agency of her change in circumstances until early this year. making it at least 18 months of benefits over payments she received, totaling up to anywhere between £14000-£16000. from what i can understand she thinks she is being investigated, her partner moved all of his possessions into her house in 2010 and used to travel 40+ miles each day to work. he had no mail sent to the address, but bearing in mind he used to live 40 miles away where he worked all his bank statements show 99% of the transactions made during the time they were together were done in her hometown, his work had her address and phone number as an emergency contact from about a week after he moved in. plus the fact all the neighbors knew he was there and for how long. she said she is going to say he didnt "live" there, but just "stayed " a lot! ive told her that by saying this she is admitting guilt straight away as there has been a crackdown on benefit fraud. just wondered if anyone had any ideas on what could happen if she is found to have commited benefit fraud (which in my eyes to be fair she has) bearing in mind she has a 10 and 13 year old. cant believe how stupid she has been! any views/advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this as it's a health and safety issue really. I'm in a shared ownership scheme with a housing association in Scotland. Next to the block of flats is a parking area with a building cage. There's a grassy area and a walkway to some other housing association properties which are being renovated. The building cage has two corrugated metal containers in it. They've been there for about a month. They don't fill it. The houses opposite the grassy areas have had scaffolding up for about 3 weeks. The only thing stopping kids from climbing up this scaffolding is the fencing around the gardens. It's not fenced off by the builders. On the grass by my flat is a pile of building materials. I've been aware of it for a little over 10 days. the weekend before last was a rare dry one and kids were out playing. I noticed that they'd found a small ladder and had propped it up at the end of a pile of wood for the building and were using a plank to get from one pile to the next. Right next to all this is a pile of what looks a little like spares for the scaffolding. They are made of metal that's rusty with spikes of metal sticking upwards. No one was about on the building site so I called the local police station. There's no sign giving a number for the buildersresponsible. Someone said that an officer would be over to take a look. I didn't see one but they didn't take my details so I may have missed them. The next day (Sunday) having seen no police and seeing the ladder/plank still there and gangs of kids still there. I called the police again. Couldn't think what else to do. Again, someone said they'd take a look but no sign of anything done. Later in the week I called the housing association. I wasn't sure it was their building site but the grass is theirs and so is the building cage so I assumed they'd have some responsibility if an accident occured. They agreed it was probably their building site and they would do something about it. Builder's vans started to appear and as I had to go out I thought it would be sorted. Got back that evening and it was piled higher. But the ladder and plank had been tidied. Friday I went to work and mentioned it to colleagues (I work part time for the council) and they all said to tell a councillor who would be in that day. The HA were shut Friday and Monday so there would be noone to speak to until Tuesday. So I did, he seemed concerned and although he had no great opinion of the HA (he's not alone). Came back from a weekend away and it's still all there. Last night kids were still climbing on it. At frequent intervals there are broken chunks of paving slab thrown about (I saw one young girl carrying a whole one at one point). I can't get anyone to listen and I'm really worried that if a kid falls off and onto one of these pieces of rusty metal or if one of them tips onto a child (they're not secure) there will be a terrible accident. It's just across the path from the local play area which is behind my building. So today I phond the HA and asked to speak to maintenance and told them I would give them 24 hours to get it sorted. I then phoned the local weekly paper. It comes out on Thursdays. I'm not sure whether I'm doing the right thing. It's really scary when I see kids playing in an area that isn't safe. I don't know whether it would make any difference if I yelled at them. I'm alone here and feel quite vulnerable. Kids should be playing outside and it's good that they do but not on this. Any ideas or suggestions? (btw there's another load of houses just starting to have the work done so I can't see the pile being moved tomorrow unless someone creates a fuss).
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