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  1. I've got my money back on 28 May. During this period, I just sent 2 emails to clarify my situation and one day I found that the money has been back. Either branch or phone service can't help nothing. Anyway it's not a bad result. Thank you very much for the advice and help.
  2. He literally can't prove the money came from a legal source since those are "random" cash collected from several places. If they ignore emails, who should I call? Thanks.
  3. Hey, thanks a lot for your advice. They've already sent me a letter about closing my account on 19/June and I opened a new account in another bank but haven't received the card yet. I just didn't expect they withdraw all my money before that date. I have to admit that this is my fault since my ex knows the password of my online banking and did some transactions that I didn't know. Is it useful to ask him for help? Cathe
  4. What if I can't explain those fund clearly? Since those money are cash deposit.
  5. Dear members, I'm a student in London. Yesterday I found that both of my account balance became zero and the money has been transferred TO RECONCILE Debit COVENTRY OPS 05 ADV. I went to a nearest branch to ask what happened to my account. They said they couldn't touch the money now and I have to write an email to reportasam (a barclays email, I can't post it here) to clarify the source of my money. After searching on the Internet I realized what happened. At the beginning of this year, my ex-boy friend has purchased a property in London. But in my home country, there is limit amount for foreign currency so he can't purchase enough pounds to buy the property. Therefore, he transferred domestic money to people who are working in UK and let them deposit cash or make payment of pounds to his UK bank account. And then he asked me for help. As a result, a total amount of around 80,000 pounds has been deposited to my account and then transferred to my ex-boy friend's account from January to the end of February. I think Barclays suspect that it might be money laundering and then withdraw all my money. We broke up in March and then I didn't do that again. I get nothing from those transactions.... As a student, all my money are from my parents and now I don't have any money to live. I've sent an email to that address but it does not work till now. What else can I do to get my money back as soon as possible? Please give advice. Thank you very much! Catherine
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