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  1. How - freeze their assets? What are secure steps to do this?
  2. Could you complain to ombudsman for companies house and get them struck off and police prosecute their criminal behaviour? Edited
  3. Thanks for your reply. The cash was hidden in storage boxes in the bottom of a cupboard and only two of us living in the apartment at the time of the last theft of £15k which she admitted taking when I found the money missing. On previous occasions during 2014 she kept quiet or when confronted about missing monies and blamed others for the theft of money missing. Total missing is at least £21,750 She said she had taken the last amount(nearly £15k) for a loan and was going to put it back in a few days which turned to weeks and months with excuses each day and lots of mental attacks, bullying. tears and emotional blackmail threatening to ruin me if I told anyone. I finally called the police and she admitted taking it to them but saying it was a loan which I told the police it was theft as no agreement was made until I found the money missing and she had then negotiated promises of immediate repayment. This repayment promise was followed by excuses of people having my money not returning it or being ill and to support this story she used the names of all of her family ex-husband and friends one by one as each day passed. Can these family and friends be called as witnesses for the prosecution to contradict her lies? How did they actually gain possession or use of the money? stole the cash from boxes stored in my cupboard in the apartment. Did you give them cash? I paid a substantial weekly sum around £200 to her via her bank account and recorded each transaction as her employer so as a carer meant with no rent or other bills this was more than sufficient and I gave her around £20,000 extra from my own income to cover all house bills and her belongings. Did you pay bills for them? She stayed with me rent and bill free since she has her own home elsewhere. What if they say "these were gifts" or "this money was in exchange for care services rendered"? I took the statement at the time of discovery saying she took the money and would repay it back. She destroyed the evidence but I kept scanned copy. In my opinion this is not the first [problem] she has done with vulnerable men as she was very thorough with the police making very plausible defences such as we are lovers and getting married, etc, in her statement to the police and some of which you allude to, but I think she has made some mistakes and been caught out as her statements contradict facts over time.
  4. A private prosecution is possible if the prosecutor decides he cant do his homework. Legal help is necessary but so expensive and seek a no win solicitor.
  5. Yes - in north west and properties in Dubai, Holland and Philippines
  6. My carer stole £21'750 [twenty one thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds] when I withdrew it on her advice to pay bills cash being more attractive economic relationship to her. She admitted most of it to the police who are considering charging her but have taken two months with no result or charge apparent yet and dither when I ask for information on progress. I seek help to take a private prosecution and court action to retrieve my savings but now obviously strapped for cash. Does anyone have a similar experience with a successful solicitor on a no win fee basis and potential solution to egg on the police such as precedents? I live in London. Hope to resolve this asap as the bills are mounting up to pay the new help.
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