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  1. Hi Shoelover I guess I just want the best for them however some I want to thump in the nicest possible way of course. You are great!
  2. Wow that's an idea!!! A Ferrari! Actually I have explained his options explained the consequence. He is going to think about it all and let me know his decision. Again thank you for your great help. Wish benefits were easier.
  3. He is private tenant so it is housing allowance. He refuses to tell the DWP. He gets state pension, Pension credit (saving and guarantee) I know he can buy a funeral plan but he is most insistent he will spend the rest no matter how many times I tell him DWP will count it as is it nonial spending/benefit. Why does everyone I support want to do things their way and when they go wrong I have to pick up the pieces. You are so so great in helping me out of these situations. THANKS
  4. I am stuck again this time I have a man who have £12000 over the limit in savings and he wants to know how he can spend it in order to keep his HA. Only suggestions I have is a funeral plan very morbid I know. He is 70 years old.
  5. I went to her tribunal and it was adjourned due to the carer's allowance contradiction her own high needs. It is to be rescheduled for a 2 session hearing. What is a 2 session hearing does it mean a morning and afternoon? or maybe 2 slots? Any advice appreciated.
  6. He is engaged with an alcohol service but worker has refused to help him regarding benefit as he has refused detox. He has tried it twice and found it was no good. Thanks though for your reply I will take it to tribunal and hope for a good outcome.
  7. Help please Is there any way someone can be found not fit for work if they have a dependency on Alcohol? He had failed his assessment.
  8. You have no idea how grateful I am for all your help. I was just about tearing my hair out!!!! What do you think the tribunal will do about DWP asking for them to look at her claim to CA? This is bugging me as it is her PIP tribunal which states she virtually is housebound due to mental health issues yet she is her mums carer. I'm confused as how to support her. Does she have to answer questions about her CA claim? Could she say she believed care was a mixture of telephone calls,meeting her mum etc. Would this maybe then become a case of not being aware of her care role?
  9. Her condition has been the same for the last 10 years. She became her mums carer and she claimed IS. She was on DLA low care. She had to change to PIP. If she was as poorly as she states why did she not claim ESA? I do not think she has ever cared for 35 hours. She has children who were taken to and fro school via paid for transport. I think DWP will say she has made a fraudulent claim for CA. If Tribunal investigate this I am concerned they will not believe anything she says.
  10. As far as I know her condition has been the same for over 10 years. Her mum qualified for a carer. Dad was too old to claim therefore she became her carer. She then claimed IS rather than JSA. I am puzzled why she did not claim ESA if she is\was as bad as she says. She was on low care DLA. She had to change to PIP. I am still concerned DWP will say she has made a fraudulent claim for carers. I cannot she how she cares for 35 hours. Plus her children had paid for taxis to and from school.
  11. She filled her own form for PIP and did her own MR. I have her tribunal papers. Her PIP makes her caring look as though it would be impossible for her to manage. I a really stuck as the best way forward. I a so grateful for all your support.
  12. Thanks Shoelover. Her CA is the first topic on her PIP tribunal papers. I am thinking if she stopped her CA she would have to admit she was no longer caring therefore her IS would stop so she would have to try for ESA. Again I am wondering f she did this would they still investigate how she had been caring. I am troubled by the fact it will look as though she has been lying re the CA so will the tribunal think she is lying about her claim to PIP. I suspect so. Her medical evidence is slim. Her PIP form contradicts her claim to CA. She says she is not aware of having to complete any review forms. I do not know what to suggest would be her best course of action. No matter what I think of I get so many negatives and I do not want her to be any more stressed that she needs to be. I do suspect she is playing the benefit system but there again she has had a difficult life and I would never judge her in anyway. I just want to make sure I can give her options as the choice will be hers to make. You are all absolutely fantastic. I really appreciate all of your replies.
  13. Hi Honeybee thanks for that. I was worried I had done something wrong!
  14. I am a volunteer working with adults with disabilities. I hope that is ok. Hope I haven't broken any rules. Sorry if I have it was a genuine mistake.
  15. She has many problems with many issues. I only found out she was claiming CA when she came in with her tribunal papers DWP have asked tribunal to look at CA as PIP form says she cannot leave home unaided hence how can she be a carer. Her whole life is complicated. She has needed a lot of support in the past. I am trying hard to see how she can be a carer but hit a brick wall. I have been a carer in my past and spent a lot of time hopefully making someone's life easier. I am struggling to see what support she gives. It seems her mother is more of a carer re her PIP form. I strongly suspect there will be an investigation if so I think she will have to pay benefits back at the least. She will not cope if this happens. Ok I know some will say she deserves it but does she really. Sorry for her to a point but I feel she is just after benefits. Mum lives with her husband both pension age.
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