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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I hope someone on here can help before things get worse. I have taken out car insurance with Octagon and emailed them all the required documents. I even called (expensive hotline which is the only way to contact them) to confirm they received all documents. All of a sudden I have received a text message saying they will cancel my policy unless I get in touch. I have called them again and asked what the problem was. All I was told is that some documents are missing. When I told them that I have emailed all documents twice and have previously been assured that they have all required documents, I was just told that no one from "that department" was in today. I was then advised to just email all documents again "for a third time". Having done so I today received a letter that they will cancel my policy on 17/11/2015 because I have responded to them. Firstly I have responded every time they text, wrote or emailed me. Secondly they are not saying in the letter what it is that is missing or why they want to cancel my policy. I am worried that this is just a [problem] where they cancel your policy to charge a cancellation fee and then charge an additional deposit to re-start the policy. Can someone please help me?
  2. I have a small issue with the above companies. I took out good priced car insurance through Octagon insurance, who then set up monthly payments through Premium Credit. This week one payment was missed, the one and only, in the time I have been with them. I contacted Octagon to be told the payment was requested again (which is fine) but a £20 charge has also been applied . .. which means I may not be able to afford the amount being taken, plus that charge. I can't speak to Premium Credit today (as it's a Saturday) but will Monday (and I suspect the payment will be taken Monday). My question is, can they apply such a charge on the first (and currently only) failed payment? Is this lawful? Can I request this back, or can I make a formal complaint to any body that oversees credit providers? Many thanks.
  3. Hi can someone help please, Im new and dont know to post. I was wondering if you could help me. Im with octagon and this month my card was blocked i spoke to them and they said as long as i made paymdnt by 16th would be ok. After this premium credit messaged me and i told them i had concerns that card would not be sorted to which they replied it was fine as long as they had payment by 24 march well last night i got a email sayong my insurance was cancelled. I have spoke to them and am getting no where, i cant afford another deposit and surely premium credit should of contacted them? Thanks
  4. Well looks like I'm posting the very first thing in here about Octagon Insurance. Well here goes. I'm currently in the process of a claim with Octagon Insurance, which is being handled by Carpenters. I have a complaint currently raised to Octagon Insurance over Carpenters and the handling of my claim, for the fact we are 4 weeks into a claim for "FIRE". I had my car set on fire in November and so raised this with Octagon Insurance, who then passed the details across to Carpenters. They have been messing me around all the way through this, as into week 4 they finally got an engineer to assess the damage to the car. The car itself has not been damaged, but more of cosmetic damage inside. I caught the fire early enough, that it didn't take hold fully and burn out my car. Now the issue I'm having is not only with Carpenters, but also a company called TCF who investigate fraudulent claims. As the time frame is so long I've refused to work with TCF until I know the out come of the engineers report, this is from the many arguments with Carpenters over the time frame this is taking and the lame excuses I keep getting. So they have been advised I will not deal with TCF until we have a resolution. Well I found out the other day, that TCF had been in touch with the police over the matter (I was expecting this) to which Carpenters had advised from TCF that the police had linked it to another case we have against a family where I live. Well I spoke with the police officer today, who has been dealing with the arson attack and I'm shocked to say the least. The police haven't said the fire was linked, but they believe it was a targeted attack, but can't do anything with regards as lack of evidence. The officer has also advised me that TCF had said to him they believe it was a fraudulent claim. Luckily the officer involved, was also involved to another incident where we had our windows put through and so advised TCF that they have the wrong assumption. I have raised this with Octagon Insurance, as I also have FOS involved also. This amounts to defamation and as such I could do with some advice on how to pursue this further, as they are now saying the car is a write off (I know it's not). I do have email trails with Carpenters Claim handler for Octagon Insurance, but at present as it's an ongoing complaint I'm not adding details as of yet.
  5. My son took out a policy with Octagon by DD in Jan. He duly sent off his No Claim Bonus as asked, he had an accident 3 days ago and has been informed ny Octagon that they never recieved his NCB and therefore his insurance was cancelled! They said that they had sent him 2 texts but when he enquired as to which number they sent it to they actually had a digit wrong, therefore he never recieved the texts. The only post he ever recieved was stating that his DD had been set up succesfully. They also said that they had emailed him but yet AGAIN he recieved nothing to this effect. He is at breaking point. Please can someone shed some light on this. By looking at the thread it seems Octagon are constantly doing this. Also they promised to get back to him within 24 hours and he is still waiting. Surely they are breaching their contract by not replying to him in the stated time.
  6. Hi i come across the forums while searching for help regarding this company and wondered if any one could help. I missed a payment via DD on the 30th July 2013. I phoned octagon on the 2nd august to make this missed payment but was told they cant take payment and that the payment will be taken again. I then received a letter from Octagan on the 6th to say that the bank has cancelled the direct debit and to contact premium credit with bank details to continue the insurance if not done the policy will be cancelled. We phoned them on the 6th same day to make payment of missed installment and set up new bank details as i changed bank account. I was told by premium credit no payment was due only the bank details and that insurance was sorted and no further problems. I also have an active claim with them as someone went into my car and its a non fault claim which has been going on for 2 months now. Today received text saying your insurance has been cancelled! I rang Ocotgan and explained that i there has been a mix up and that they should not have cancelled my insurance. The call centre employee said i need to take up my complaint with premium credit and that my insurance can not be reinstated and that i now need to pay £350 and then take out a new policy to be insured. After a lengthy phone call and speaking to managers?? I am told the same thing nothing can be done as its been cancelled. I feel like ive been treated very unfairly and have also been a customer for over 1 year. Its the middle of the summer holidays with 5 kids i am now unisured i cant afford to get new insurance with another company. Please can anyone give me advise on how i can make a complaint or if you have been in this situation before what to do.
  7. hi hope someone can give me some advice, i recently took out car insurance with octagon the asked for my no claims i sent my no claims of 5 years, they then contacted me to say they were out of the 24 months, i explained that i was insured after that, but because my husband picked the new car up he set the insurance up in his name and me as a named driver, the policy was with octagon and has been running for 20 months, they are now telling me they will only give me one year no claims as a named driver, i have tried to explain to them if you except that i was still insured why wont they accept the 5 years also, i have spoke to 3 people with no help, they are saying i will need to pay another 256.08 to keep my policy, and if i cancel i will need to pay 50.00 cancel fee because its after 14day cooling off period, 25.00 finance payment and time on risk payment, i just cant afford this but they are saying there nothing that can be done. please help
  8. Hi, I had car insurance 2 years ago with a company called Octagon Insurance, I did it online. when it came to renewal last year , I went somewhere else. Octagon in their infinite knowledge assumed i would renew with them anyway , so they sent me a renewal quote and promptly advised their financing arm - Creation.co.uk to deduct money from my account and set up a direct debit. I got my bank to refund the unauthorised DD, returned the insurance renewal sent by Octagon , but they have been chasing me for about £200 ever since then. I wrote to them to send me the agreement schedule I had with them , but they ignored my mails. Now they have passed my name to Clarity debt collections , and I found out that Clarity did a Credit check on me without my permissions. They also wrote to me that with their usual threats about putting a default against my credit. any advice on how to tackle this cowboys please? thanks James.
  9. hi guys and gals, i took out a policy with octagon insurance via confused comparison site as it was like £400 cheaper than the next insurer. brought a new car on thursday 9/8/12 and took out the policy for that morning, ran through the quote etc and added benefits, hire car, key cover, personal accident cover, recovery etc etc paid the £200 deposit and arranged the £97 each installments. my car got vandalised at night, key marks down both sides and cabriolet roof got cut twice. so i rang octagon claims and went through the usual malarchy to be told that my car would be collected and assessed then i would recieve a call back. an hour went past and recieved a call from a company called tcf corp who had been passed on my detials by octagon to do what i called a claims management assessment which involved a phone interview and a fraud assessment. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so i told this company i wasnt happy with this and rang octagon back and was told if you dont comply we will not proceed with the claim, so i ask for an independant engineer to assess my vehicle they agree but is this true. then i get another call from a company called coparts who again were passed on my details by octagon to collect my car to do an assessment on wether the vehicle was a write off or repairable. again i say im not happy with this i then ring octagon again and ask what the hell was going on as never had to do a claim for vandalism before. and get told im not entitled to a hire car while my car is being assessed or if the garage doesnt have one. if my car is a right off they also say i cant buy it back to repair myself as supposably in their terms and conditions the policy holder cant rebuy the car. what a load of poppy**** the car is on finance and now they have said they wont pay me out if its written off they will pay the finance company where there could be a shortfall. so basically they saying im screwed whichever way. masking me think im better off not claiming and just getting the work done when i can afford to. still within my 14 day period where i could cancel but then will they put i made a claim on my no claims bonus. even though i aint claimed yet. any advice would be much appreciated. if they just do what is necessary and collect my car take it to the approved repairer and fix or write it off then i can buy it back like every other insurer then i will be happy but as far as im concerned my car aint going anywhere without my concent and its only going to where im happy with it going. not to some back street monkey or into a holding yard in the middle of a rundown estate while they sit at desks twiddling thumbs and not sorting out a genuine claim for vandalism. this really sucks as the insurance company should be dealing with this not me or a claims management fraud company or even a sub sidery company they use to store cars and inspect under there say so. what sucks even more is i went to my local repairer who happens to be one of octagons approved repairers and they said that i could drop car to them and they could deal with everything. hmmmmmmmmmm so been told loads of different things now and really confused. sorry to babble on but just have loads of info and need help to sort this cowboy company out
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