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  1. Thanks so much. I only intend to get building insurance, and put £20 PM away for my own insurance, as we had a 15year no claims on this policy. So when I call up and they say have you had any policies before do I just say no, because its not been in my name?
  2. Hi Guys I am still having trouble finding building and content insurance. When mentioned the fraud on our account, they just refuse to insure us. My question here is... The last policy was in my husbands name only. Can I insure the house under my name?? Even though we're married with the same surname. It's been over 18months now with no insurance and its making me nervous as I want to do building work to the house and the mortgage company don't know that we've got no building and contents. Please someone tell me the way forward. Hi Thanks for getting
  3. Yes unfortunately I wasn't insured and haven't been for the past 18months! That's was an expensive mistake. Just glad I never had an accident. Thanks for your help.
  4. But surely this would of flagged up, when i got a ticket for speeding?? Feel sick to think I've been driving around with no insurance.
  5. Hi all I've just been pulled up by the police who told me, to my surprise I had no insurance on my car. Our insurance was up for renewal in January so we let it automatically renew. £200 fine and 6pts on my license I came home to see what had happened. I have been driving this car for 3 years now. The Insurance company (first Central) told us on chat (can't get hold of them by phone) the details were correct that only my husband was insured. We looked for emails regarding policy documents etc. They said that they got details from confused.com and that's ho
  6. Thanks. How long does a suspected fraud/policy cancellation indicator stay on my file?
  7. thanks for the heads up and of course all your help with this. very much appreciated
  8. Thanks for your reply. I can't dispute it now as the decision was made by the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman decision was final, unless I wanted to take them to court. They were made to pay out, but said they had every right to cancel as it looked like we were trying to gain financially from both policies. We've still got no insurance and I am not really sure who to go to and what to say to the next insurance. It seems very unfair to be accused of fraud when it simply was not the case
  9. Many thanks for your help regarding this issue. After a whole year the company has paid out and that was some £4000 worth of damage to the property. I had to go through the OB who said that the company was wrong not to pay out but right to cancel the policies. Its great news to get the money, as I had a no claims of 15 years too, but I guess the question is now how or where do I go to get insurance for my house ? I've had no insurance now for a year. Any suggestions or companies who would be willing to take me on with a cancelled policy?
  10. Hi I logged it on the Resolve website, they have all the contact numbers for all the CEO's and told them. But basically I just persisted. Demanded to speak to manager, asked there names and when and what time they'd call me back...when they didn't as they never do. I called them and demanded to speak to them...I was like a dog with a bone. Once I told them it was logged with resolver and that it would be escalated to their CEO they repaid me in full. Although no apologies or compensation for what happened O would never use them again - good luck
  11. Thanks so much for replying. Do I need the name of the Head of Claims Direct Line group? Is it advisable to get all access to all phone calls first? Do I CC both policies? Even tho they're the same company? Wish they'd of told me that I already had a policy before I took out another one.
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